Collapsible Handrails

Collapsible Handrails for Industrial Shop Safety

Most Slips, Trips, and Falls are preventable!

Yet, still responsible for one-third of workplace injuries and deaths.

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Stairs without handrails are a trip-fall hazard

Workers needing access to a pit can quickly raise the collapsible handrails and enter the pit safely.
Do your pits comply with OSHA and local standards for stairwell safety?
Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries, and stairs present one of the biggest fall and injury risks on the job, so having a handrail for all stairwells is key to reducing injuries.  You can install our Collapsible Handrails on most existing pit stairwells.

They are very easy to operate with included handle for pulling into place to lower into the pit.

Blue Steel has developed a Collapsible handrail setup that is a first in work pit safety. The handrails easily lock into place and release with our heavy-duty latching system.

Durable Construction with over a decade of installations being used every day.

The durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel locking mechanism can withstand oil, chemicals, and other harsh workplace environment conditions. The rolling parts are UHMW, so they move smoothly into position; the handrails and wall channels have a durable powder-coated surface.

Many of our installations have been in service for over a decade without a single failure. Our collapsible handrails are custom-built to install in your service pit correctly.

Make sure your company is OSHA Compliant and check your local code requirements also.


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Blue Flag Safety

Railroad Worker Blue Flag Safety First

We are always looking for better ways to keep workers safe.  As new products are developed I’m always sketching and drawing concepts on my tablets at home for future reference.  Recently I came home to a new concept from my 5-year-old Granddaughter for a Blue Flag.  As you can tell she is very loving and thought hearts would make a good addition to SAFETY FIRST!! I agree, after all, it’s all about making sure we all go home safe to our family every day.   I hope we all teach them while they are young to work safely.





Black Tank Pull Handles

Black Tank Pull Handles

Emergency Pull Handles

This Stainless Steel pull handle is truly an Emergency Pull handle since if your black or grey tank is full, and the Plastic Pull Handle Breaks, you have and emergency on your hands.

The hook end is fashioned to hook on the existing stop nut on the metal shaft that is still present when the plastic T Handle has broken off.  We have made these for the Locomotive Service Crews for years.  It’s also a great item to keep in your RV for the “just in case” day comes when you’re traveling and the handle breaks.



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Sling Storage Rack

Sling Storage Rack

Blue Steel Sling Storage Rack was designed with safety first.

The master link is decoupled from the lifting hook after the weight of the sling is off the hook.

This is a big step to avoiding pinched finger injury

Sling Storage Rack as installed. 2nd position is pinned and can be relocated if needed.

The multi-position sling rack is bolted in place.

For other storage solutions CLICK HERE.

Sling Storage Rack
2 Position Master Link Holders
Sling Storage Rack
Multi-Position Master Link Holder

Heavy-duty sling holders are available in custom configurations.

Call Blue Steel Co., Inc. at 800-377-2109

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Blue Flag Protection

Standard Blue Flag Protection

Must be used to comply with Blue Flag Rules per FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218

When you tag out on a windy day you can hardly hold on to the Blue Flag, our standard blue flags allow for wind cross flow, so they are much safer, you can also change out a bent panel with our bolt-together flags.


Flag Dimensions: 102″ Long Staff 1″ Square aluminum tube with radius corners for comfortable handling.

The Flag panel is lightweight aluminum .100 thick,  precision cut, powder coated with a reflective message applied.

This panel has holes and is much easier and safer to handle in the wind.

And several smaller holes across the bottom for worker tag out.

No burr handle with heavy-duty PVC shrink tubing at the grip area of the staff.

Blue SteelCo has bolt-on panels so you can replace them if needed.


For more information check out our Blue Flag Page.Blue Signal Protection of Workers


FRA Blue Flag Tag Out
Standard Blue Flag is shown on the rack with our High Wind Powder Coated flag.
Standard Reflective Blue Flag Protection
Standard Blue Flag Protection/Reflective panel.

In-House Safety Blue Flags

In-House Safety Blue Flags

Magnetic Railroad Blue Flag

See more flag options

This flag is for ramp use, in a well-lit shop

this lightweight flag is the best fit for the job


  • Robust Staff 3/4″ Sq. with 1/8″ Thick wall x 40″ Long, it’s strong
  • 2 Neodymium Magnets with 115# of pull each, encased in a black rubber housing
  • The 4″ x 30″ flag panel is .100 Thick laser cut aluminum with reflective STOP message on both sides
  • Designed to place on the nose or to protrude into the cab and is visible from down the line
  • Osha and FRA required flags state you need a consistent message.
  • We offer a variety of standard safety callouts for Railroad Safety Signs. 

Magnetic RFA Blue FlagInHouseFlag1


For more information and availability please contact Blue Steel

Call 800-377-2109 email:

For more info on In House Blue Flag Part Number SH10401M

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Service Carts / Supply Carts

Service Supply Carts

These are heavy-duty steel carts MADE IN THE USA.

Does your shop use plastic or Home Owner stamped carts?  If you only need it to hold some nuts and bolts your probably ok.  But we both know they are junk.

Our carts have welded steel angle frames with Caster Plates welded on the base.  The hemmed pans are 14 or 16-gauge steel.  Our swivel casters with a large lever brakes and solid 6″ x 2″ oil and chemical-resistant one-piece molded wheels.

If you run a heavy industrial shop you can expect years of service duty in the harshest environments,

Our carts are designed for.

  • Locomotive Diesel and Service Track
  • Heavy Industrial Lift Truck Shops
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Power plants, Steam Stations, Sub-Stations
  • Supply Departments
  • Heavy Truck Repair Shops

To order please call us, email us, or fill out the form and we will call you back.         800-377-2109

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Service Carts and Supply Carts
Service Carts and Supply Carts

Locomotive TRS SRS Sensor Gauges

TRS SRS Sensor Gauges

TRS SRS Feeler Gauges  .040-.070-.080

Precision Ground to +/-.001 Tolerance.

EMD TRS Sensor SRS Sensor
TRS/SRS Feeler Gauges set for EMD Diesel Engines

Catalog# SH10161M – $CALL /set as shown with pouch.

Color-coded and slight bends make these gauges easy to use in the confined spaces of the car body.  Precision Ground aerospace-grade aluminum with sensor application engraved on the gauge.

EMD Diesel Engines for use in Railpower, Marine, and Industrial.

For more info go to this page TRS/SRS Sensor


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92 Day Inspection Air Test Kit

FRA required: 92 Day Inspection Air Test Kit

Toolkit for the FRA required inspection

Blue SteelCo, Inc.  Air Test Kit

We offer this watertight and crushproof case with a lock provision.

Our custom-cut foam insert will secure each tool and provide a quick visual for missing tools.

5S tool management reduces lost tool and man-hour costs.

Brand names of tools are subject to availability.

FRA Locomotive Required Inspections
92-day Inspection Air Test Kit

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