Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack

How to safely store multiple Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack

Over the last 30 years, I have visited hundreds of customer shops and job sites. The progress we have made in making our industrial work environments safer has been significant. Blue Steel is proud of our part in helping our customers make their workspaces safe and more organized and efficient.
We developed our fire extinguisher rack to reduce the trip hazard with emptied or outdated bottles lying around the property. The extinguishers could also be mistaken for a charged unit if a fire erupted.

We spoke to plant managers, safety supervisors, maintenance managers, and others, we developed our plan for the perfect fire extinguisher rack.

  1.  The Fire Extinguisher Rack must hold multiple bottles; this makes the accumulation of expired, discharged, and empty fire extinguishers organized and effective.
  2.  Forklift access makes transporting empty extinguishers to a refill location, and full extinguishers for distribution in large yards or facilities a snap.
  3.  Heavy Duty fabrication and durability, we fabricated our first units almost 20 years ago and are still in use. Our Industry Standard steel fabrication and zinc-rich primed and powder-coated finish provides a product   suitable for any commercial or industrial facility.

Achievements for this project

Eliminate trip hazards
Correctly identify discharged and charged fire extinguishers
Speed up your recharging service

Checking and keeping fully charged fire extinguishers is a key factor in fire safety.  Our handy Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack is part of your solution.

Forklift pockets make it easy to move and 24 Spots 8-1/2″ Square Will hold most standard size bottles.  The overall size is 52″ long x 35″ deep and 16″ high.

Pallet Jack movable Bulk Fire Extinguisher storage options are also available.

All steel construction and powder-coated safety yellow.

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Safe Organized Fire Extinguisher Storage


Organized Blue Steel Fire Extinguisher RackKeep your workplace safe and organized and clean.  When there is a designated process for the storage of tools and supplies you will move closer to your 5S goal.  Sort, Set in order, Shine/Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain.

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Conex Box Stairs

Conex Box Stairs

OSHA Handrail and Stair Safety

We custom build Conex Box Stairs with platforms for safe access.

You will find shipping containers used for storage or even Tiny Homes.

Often businesses utilized them for storage, offices, small shops, and more.

When you have foot traffic entering and exiting any elevated door, you have a typical slip, fall danger for your workers.

No-Slip Grip Steps with Handrail




























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The Report is in.

The Report is in on our Galvanized Steel Pegboard.

This stuff is heavy-duty!!

With all the talk about all the big things going on today, we figured we could take some time to clear up something.  Our Industry Standard 12 Galvanised Steel pegboard along with the heavy-duty custom hangers we manufacture are one of our most popular products with heavy industry because so many “homeowner” type products are being re-marketed industrial companies and are not up to the task, we decided to go big.  Take a look at our  Steel Storage Cabinets and the Wall Mounted pegboards, they are all geared toward 5S tool organization for the industry sector.  That’s why we call it the “industry standard” the others just can’t hold up.

Just how tough is it? Well here is a photo of about 85+ pounds hanging in the same area of the mounted board.  The pegboard panel and hangers are built to be used in a heavy shop environment.

Is it time to upgrade your shop or tool room?  Give us a call or email.


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Collapsible Handrails

Collapsible Handrails for Industrial Shop Safety

Slips, Trips, and Falls are preventable!

Yet are still responsible for one-third of workplace injuries and deaths.

Stairs without handrails









Workers needing access to a pit can quickly raise the collapsible handrails and enter the pit safely.
Do your pits comply with OSHA and local standards for stairwell safety.
Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries, and stairs present one of the biggest fall and injury risks on the job, so having a handrail for all stairwells is key to reducing injuries.  You can install our Collapsible Handrails on most existing pit stairwells.

They are very is easy to operate with included handle for pulling into place to lower into the pit.

Blue Steel has developed a Collapsible handrail set up that is a first in work pit safety. The handrails easily lock in to place and release with our heavy-duty latching system.

Durable Construction with over a decade of installations being used every day.

The durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel locking mechanism can withstand oil, chemicals, and other harsh workplace environment conditions. The rolling parts are UHMW, so they move smoothly into position; the handrails and wall channels have a durable powder-coated surface.

Many of our installations have been in service for over a decade without a failure. Our collapsible handrails are custom-built to install in your service pit correctly.

Make sure your company is OSHA Compliant and check your local code requirements also.


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92 Day Inspection Air Test Kit

92 Day Inspection Air Test Kit

Toolkit for the FRA required inspection

Blue SteelCo, Inc.  Air Test Kit

We offer this watertight and crushproof case and a padlock provision.

Our custom cut foam insert will secure each tool and provide a quick visual for missing tools.

5S tool management reduces lost tool and man-hour costs.


FRA Locomotive Required Inspections
92-day Inspection Air Test Kit

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Diesel Injector Sleeve Tool

Diesel Injector Sleeve Tool

Locomotive Engine Service Tools

Have you ever used your shoe as a vice? You know, using your foot to hold something in place while twisting a wrench or using a hammer? How about while 5 feet high, on a running board that is only 24″ wide, with oily shoes, in a snowstorm, okay, I got carried away.

The point is with some thoughtful planning, we were able to remove three slip fall hazards and several motions for a safer and more efficient process in the shop with this new tool.

Blue Steelco, Inc. Injector Sleeve Tool
Handrail Mount Injector Sleeve Tool



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Steel Shop Carts

Industrial Grade Steel Shop Carts

We all have had the “cheap junk” thought about something we have purchased, maybe you’ve had that thought this week?  All the talk about the “throw-away” society has been around for decades, nothing new to see here.

My experience this week was a little different, I was visiting a customer facility for a new project when I ran into this product.   It sure looks used, and it should, it has survived over 8 years of use at a locomotive repair shop.  Do you know any railroaders?  If you do you know, it is a harsh environment, no not the people, the work is hard and everything is heavy.  Photo from November 2019

Steel Machinist Cart
SmallCart1 Blue Steel Machinist Cart








Now here is the photo from August 2011, the same casters, same paint job, a lot shinier.  This is a great example of the value of a product.  Anything that survives 8 years in a locomotive repair shop is doing pretty good.  Blue Steel had strived for many years to provide an “Industrial Grade” product for our customers.

It sounds silly but when I saw that beat-up old cart, I just smiled.


GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly

GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly
Cam Lifter and Journal Bushing Dolly

Cam Lifter and Journal Bushing Dolly

GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly
Blue Steel Locomotive Shop Dolly

Roll the tools up next to the GE FDL Locomotive. This will reduce Tool Room trips and heavy lifting.

The Tesco Tools (T55961 & T55991) fit securely on cart including the cables and hoses.

All steel construction and Zinc Rich Powder coating for heavy duty work environments.

Solid 1 piece Molded wheels are oil and chemical resistant.

These wheels will not go flat or suffer tread peel off.

GE FDL  EFI Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly / Catalog # FDL10100M

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Elevated Rail Locomotive Work Platform

Elevated Rail Locomotive Work Platform

Aluminum work platforms

Here are some concepts to finished product shipping photos. This is an elevated rail work platform for safe and easy access to the locomotive running board.  It increases access options to the locomotives on tracks without fixed ramps.

For more info check out this page.



Aluminum Work Ramp
Locomotive Access Platform
Safety Platform
Aluminum Work Platform

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