Custom Fabricated Shop Equipment

Send us your design and prints for fabrication.

When you need custom fabricated shop equipment that you have a design for, or we can build from existing prints.  All the parts will be manufactured per your specifications.

If you have any inspection requirements or certifications needed just let us know before fabrication begins.

Drop Table Traction Motor Tool

Do you have a new requirement? 

Let us know what the obstacle is and we can assist in finding a solution.

Over the past 20 years, we have helped design anything from display racks to missile racks. Carts to hold 100# of boxed goods to carts to hold motors that weigh thousands of pounds.

Locomotive Genset Engine Pod


Our commitment is to workplace safety, building tools and equipment that are durable and promote workplace safety.

The scope of our projects may be replacing an existing item that was not built for a heavy industry application.  And we see numerous old facilities that need to upgrade staircases and handrails that don’t meet the new OSHA requirements.

We see a lot of sub-par or old designs that workers have tried to get by with for years.  Our tendency is on err to the side of caution and safety, which usually means HEAVY DUTY.  When parts in your work environment are in tons, not pounds, safety is first.

If you have a need for replacing some of your outdated equipment contact Blue Steel.

Call us today. 800-377-2109

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Rolling Work Platforms.

Locomotive Ramp Platform
Peg Board Cabinet
72″ Heavy Duty Tool Cabinet.

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