Small Stands & Platforms

Aluminum work stand

Small Stands & Platforms for Locomotive Repair Shops

Compact Repair Stands and Platforms for Train Maintenance Shops

These are specialized platforms designed to provide workers with easy access to the locomotive’s running board and car body, aiding in maintenance and repair operations.

Our portfolio includes installations that have been in service for more than two decades. Prioritizing safety, these platforms are designed according to Blue SteelCo Industry Standard norms and are considered essential tools in the workspace.

Our product range includes:

  1. GE Maintenance Stands
  2. EMD AirBox Maintenance Stand
  3. Aluminum Eductor Tube Service Stand

These stands can be utilized for both GE and EMD locomotives.

If you are looking for large rolling platforms, check out this page.

EMD Air Box Hanging Work Stand
EMD Air Box Work Stand
EMD Locomotive Work Stand.
Extra Wide EMD Work Stand

Shop EMD Locomotive Starter Side Work StandEMD Air Box Stand Starter Side




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