Slip Ring Puller Dolly EMD Locomotives

EMD-Slip-Ring-Tools Hand Truck
Hand Truck for EMD Engine Tools

Hand Truck for EMD Tools

Blue SteelCo Catalog # SH10025

If your workers have to carry tools back and forth on 200 feet of shop floor it’s time to upgrade.

We have been making hand trucks for 20 years, here’s what our customers tell us.

All the tools you need for the job in one place saves time.

Workers don’t get injured when they can easily wheel the tools needed so easily.

Every tool has a place so it and is approved for out 5S compliance.


Heavy Duty Steel Fabrication

Welded and Powder Coated and built to last, we hand truck in service for 20 years and counting.


If you have needs for moving tools check out some of our other equipment or send us and email and let us know what you need.


EMD-Slip-Ring-Hand Truck
Rolling Tool Storage for EMD Shop Tools
EMD-Slip-Ring-Hand Truck
5S Tools Storage for EMD Diesel Shop
EMD-Slip Ring Puller Dolly
Steel hand truck


Blue Steel Catalog # SH10025
EMD Locomotive Slip Ring Removal tools Dolly.

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