Locomotive Handrail Safety

Running Board Locomotive Handrail

Catalog # LOC10011G Locomotive Handrail $ Call for price

This additional Locomotive Handrail Safety is designed to hang on the outside of the existing locomotive handrail.

This adds 4 additional horizontal bars for a visual barrier for workers kneeling or laying on the running board.

Neither the running board walking area nor car body doors will be obstructed by the handrail.

36″ High x 96″ Long, 2 aluminum clamps, 3 vertical tubes, 4 horizontal tubes fill in the open space.

2 adjustable clamps attach to existing vertical stanchions.

Do you need to go above the locomotive handrail? Take a look at our vertical handrail Click HERE.

Locomotive Safety Handrail
Locomotive Running Board Handrail
Locomotive Work Safety Handrail
Locomotive Running Board Handrail












Catalog # LOC10011G Locomotive Handrail

Weight: 15 Pounds
Base Construction Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy Approx. 36″ High and 96″ Long DESCRIPTION: This rail is used on the existing locomotive handrail to provide fall protection between the handrail stanchions. It has no other intended uses.

1. Inspect the Handrail Gate prior to use. Make sure there are no broken welds and the Rail Hangers and Stanchion Clamps are in place and in good condition.

2. Place the Safety Rail over the Locomotive handrail on the outside of the handrail to allow room for Car Body door operation.

3. Handrail hangars allow for bolt or detent pin to lock into place. And then the adjustable Stanchion Clamps must be moved into place and secured tightly.

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