Locomotive Transfer Table Chock

Blue Steel Next-Gen Locomotive Wheel Chock

Locomotive Truck Shop Transfer Table Wheel Chocks 

We had some customers using this old style bolt-down style chock as pictured below, the metal became fatigued quickly and the impact torqued bolts should have been serviced after every use.  Not only did they need to replace them frequently they were dangerous with minimal holding capacity.  When the traction motors were being removed and installed these clamps slid on the rail without warning.  They have many unsafe drawbacks.

Bolt down style chock

The Old Bolt down style chock has numerous drawbacks.

  1. Chock bolts must be replaced often due to fatigue, reusing a torqued bolt is not recommended.
  2. The likely danger of a torqued bolt breaking due to over tightening.
  3. Chock components bend, reducing clamping strength.
  4. Equipment failure resulting can cause the accidental movement of the traction motor during removal or installation.
  5. Bumping the chock changes alignment needed for proper motor installation

Blue Steel can supply your truck shop with the Locomotive Transfer Table Chock rails, and make Safe Work in your truck shop.

136# Rail with machined plates
Precision Cut and machined pin plates both sides of 136# Rail
Next Gen Transfer Table Chock
Precision Cut and machined pin plates both sides of 90# Rail
Blue Steel Wheel Chock
Blue Steel Next-Gen Transfer Table Wheel Chock

Easy to use 100,000 PSI T-Handle Pin secures the chock through the rail, nothing here to come loose during the operation of the table.

  1. Chock slides in the horizontal direction on the rails for easy placement.
  2. Precision machined parts provide 1/4″ increments for pin placement, accommodating for locomotive spotting and wheel diameter variation.
  3. Safety First for removing and installing traction motors in the Locomotive Truck Shop!!!

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