Traction Motor Work Stand

Traction Motor Work Stand

Locomotive access platform for service pit work.

Our work rolling traction motor work stand will provide access steps from either side regardless of the direction in which the Locomotive is spotted for service.

Aluminum construction with grip strut steps and a work deck provides the best slip resistance available.

Floor brakes on both sides to secure in place.  With wide steps for taller workers to comfortably work from the step if desired.

The brakes are quick-release for a fast exit from the pit if required. Easily rolls into place, No Lifting required.

Locomotive Traction Motor Work Stand
Working under the locomotive
Rolling Traction Motor Work Stand
Roll it the entire length of the work pit
Traction Motor Work Stand
Aluminum Grip Steps
Rolling Traction Motor Work Stand
Guided by heavy duty rollers










Blue Steel Catalog # SH10163

Shipping Weight:60#

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