Aluminum Pit Crossover Bridge

Aluminum Pit Crossover Bridge for Shop and Yard Pits.

Size: Approx. 63″ Long x 39″ Wide

Blue Steel Part Number SH10149M

Multiple Configuration Options Available

Forklift provision version Weight: 150#

Streamlined version weights 70# before sliding the handrails in and can be put in place by hand.



Most of the shops I have been in that have those 200 feet or longer pits require workers to either board a locomotive to cross over or walk hundreds of feet to get to the other side. Well, there is no need for those long trips to retrieve a forgotten part or tool.

Check out all Aluminum pit crossover bridge, outfitted with durable aluminum grip treads, structural grade aluminum tube, and angle frame.  Footpads elevate the platform easy forklift access.  This one has been in service for nearly 10 years and is an example of Blue Steel quality and our commitment to “Industry Standard” products that our customers have come to count on.

The tapered footpads assist in placement and prevent any motion when foot traffic moves across the bridge.  The handrails are removable for locomotive or railcar service access if needed.

Crossover Bridge with Handrails


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