Fuel Filter Canister Squeegee

Fuel Filter Canister Squeegee

Catalog# SH10216M

This handy Fuel Filter Canister Squeegee is precision-cut neoprene rubber, to ensure the removal of sludge from the filter canister.

The 36″ long handle with a rubber grip makes the job easy.

Precision Cut Neoprene rubber provides a thorough cleaning of trapped debris along the canister wall.

Aluminum fabrication makes this tool lightweight but durable, and the backing plate keeps the neoprene rigid.

Precut neoprene replacement rubber blades are available from Blue Steel.

Typically one for each workstation in the shop makes for an effective 5S organization program.

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Diesel Fuel Filter Squeegee
Rubber precision cut to match canister.
Fuel Canister Squeegee
Aluminum Handle with Rubber grip for good leverage to scrape canister.

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