Inrail Aluminum Crossover Bridge

Inrail Aluminum Crossover Bridge

Rail Yard Safety Products

Blue Steel Part Number SH10150M

Size: Approx. 52″ Long x 48″ Wide

Weight: 80#

OSHA reports that Slips, trips & falls are the second leading cause of accidental deaths and one of the most reported workplace injuries and that most could have been prevented!

I think we all see the value of handrails on stairs and balconies or other areas that we may fall off of, but many accident reports show many of these are “same level” falls causing injuries.

Our In Rail crossover bridges address that issue.  Workers have a consistent level surface which also has a high friction metal grip surface.  The removable chains serve as an additional step for FRA and OSHA required Blue Signal Protection.

This bridge eliminates obstacles, the worker avoids the step-down and step-up not to mention the debris and rails and more.

The Bridge rests securely on the Rail Foot and can easily be removed for track clean up.  The Locomotive or Car wheel flange will move safely past the bridge when spotting equipment.

In Rail Bridge Aluminum Crossover Bridge
Safe rail crossing, Railyard safety
OSHA Slip Fall safety prevention
#safework Railroad Safety

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