Locomotive Vertical Extension handrail

Locomotive Vertical Extension handrail

Safety Handrails for locomotive running board use.

Catalog # LOC10266 Locomotive Vertical Extension Handrail

Safety handrails can be used on GE Locomotives, EMD locomotives, GenSet, and others.

36″ above existing locomotive handrail x 30″ wide, 2 stanchion clamps, 2 detent pins.

This additional Locomotive Handrail is designed to hang on the inside of locomotive handrail.

When using any stand or ladder on the locomotive running board it may expose the worker to a fall risk.

This may include, eductor tube stands, folding ladders, injector platforms, etc

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Locomotive Safety handrail
Vertical Handrail extension
Locomotive Safety handrail
Pins securely on the existing locomotive handrail
Locomotive Safety handrail
Latches on existing locomotive handrail stanchion


















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