Wheel Chock Stand

Catalog #SH10016  Wheel Chock Stand

Safety Chocks are designed for safety but, left lying on the ground become a tripping hazard.

Blue Steel Wheel Chock Stand.

OSHA 1910.30(a), 1910.176, 1910.178(K) and 1910.261 require wheel chocks to be used for safety.  Be certain you don’t create a slip or trip hazard in the process with our Wheel Chock Storage Rack.

Steel angle and tubing frame, with a zinc rich primer and Safety Yellow Powdercoated finish.

Rubber foam to protect against damage to the vinyl sign.

This is a step toward your 5S Goals

Set in Order
Sweep & Shine
Wheel Chock Stand
Truck Shop, an unorganized trip hazard
Wheel Chock Stand
Railyard ballast tripping hazard











Blue Steel Wheel Chock Stands offer a safe storage solution and follow the 5S philosophy.

  • Make work easier by eliminating obstacles.
Wheel Chock Stand
Equipment safely stored where you need them.
Wheel Chock Stand
Organized and neatly stored-Set In Order










Wheel Chock Storage Rack
Safety organizes your wheel chocks at needed locations in the railyard.


** Wheel Chocks sold separately **  Exposed Rail and Flush Rail available


Wheel Chock Stand

Blue Steel Catalog # SH10016

Price:  $

Shipping Weight:20#

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