Blue Signal Protection of Workers

Blue Signal Protection for Workers: Prioritize Safety with Blue Flag

Meets FRA and OSHA Standards with Blue Flag Safety Products

Stay up to date with safety standards while ensuring your workers are safe. Our high wind blue flag, Catalog # SH10050, is designed to meet the unique requirements of the railroad industry.

Next-Gen Railroad Industry Safety with High Wind Blue Flag

Advance your safety measures with the industry standard for high wind situations. Our High Wind Blue Flag combines innovative design with durable materials to meet the dynamic demands of the railroad industry.

Enhancing Safety with Blue Flag Lock Out/Tag Out

Ensure maximum safety and meet lockout/tagout mandates. Blue Flag safety products offer comprehensive solutions that help you keep up with industrial safety norms while maintaining operational efficiency.

Blue Steel – High Wind Blue Flag Specifications

Get to know our special product, designed and manufactured by Blue SteelCo, Inc. This high-quality safety flag doesn’t compromise on durability or safety features.

The panels of the flag come with a powder coating in Blue, and the handles are covered with a PVC coating. This design ensures maximum protection for workers by eliminating sharp metal burrs.

Moreover, every angle and surface of this flag exhibits reflective properties to improve visibility. The adhesive strength and resistance to abrasion of our flags exceed the retro-reflectivity standards of engineered grade tapes.

Prioritize Worker Safety Today

Invest in Blue SteelCo’s High Wind Blue Flag to ensure worker safety. Embrace a safer work environment by adhering to the FRA and OSHA standards. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our safety solutions.

Compare Safety First Blue Flags

Blue Flag Safety
Better visibility for staff flags dropped on the ground.
Blue Flag Safety
Two Blue Flags for windy applications
Blue Flag Safety
High Wind Flag designed with a 50% open, perforated panel. This feature allows air to flow through the panel easily, preventing unsafe conditions for your workers. Additionally, being lightweight at just 8 pounds, it’s not only the safest but also one of the lightest flags to handle.
Blue Flag Safety
Easy on the hands. Rounded corner staff.

Blue Flag FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218 Blue Flag Protection

1” square tube with 1/8″ wall x 102” aluminum staff.  Our flag utilizes 2 hook positions for flexibility attaching to the locomotive.
2 panels – .100” x 9-1/2” x 19” Reflective Blue Flags. Perforated so the wind flows through. This makes handling the flag much safer in windy conditions.

Each pole has 44” of PVC coating to provide a safe gripping area, free of metal burrs.
Total Wt. 8 lbs.
Optional Staff Length 126” Great for ballast areas.
Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, White, Yellow – HELPS KEEP FLAGS IN DESIGNATED AREAS.

UPRR Store Stock Item #170 9051 0

Blue Steel Catalog # SH10050


Shipping Weight: 8#

Blue Flag Safety
Blue Signal Protection of Workers 102″ and 126″  Staff.  These flags also have a dark green handle and are located in the Green Flag zone of the yard.
Blue Flag Safety
Blue Signal Protection of Workers with Welded Hooks and bolt on panels.  If you damage a blue flag panel they can easily be replaced.
Blue Flag Safety
Blue Signal Protection of Workers Lightweight makes ours the “Best Blue Flag in the Business”.  It also makes it the 1st choice for the road crews!!

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