Property Equipment and Tools to Keep your works safe

OSHA reports that Slips, trips & falls make up the majority of general industry accident. (USDoL)

Check out some of our custom fabricated products and see how we can help to make your workspace safe!

Products on this page are geared toward property or facilities upgrades completed to replace or modify outdated safety products.

We work with companies that have Shop Managers completely onboard with 5S tool management and safety only to find the yard or facilities are still in disarray. Blue Steel has designed these products that not only contribute to your lean processes but also your safety objectives.

While we focus on Employee safety with most of our products you will find products that are also geared toward Environmental Safety to keep our air and water clean.


Railroad traction motor drop table chocks.

Completely eliminates the problems of the motor slipping because of the loose bolt down chocks when changing out traction motors.

Precision cut and welded rails bolt or weld down to the transfer table rail for this solution.

Transfer Table Rail Chock5
Locomotive Traction Motor Transfer Table Chock.

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Heavy Duty custom-built metal containers.

Designed for your rotating forks and dump directly into your Environmental Waste roll-off containers.

Wheel Peeler Chip Container Forklift Dump


Collapsible Handrail / Pit Handrail

Charles Caleb Colton’s most famous quote was: “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery”.

Here at Blue Steel it really just kind of bugs us when we’re ripped off.

We have been copied, but copycats have not duplicated the quality and strength of our Collapsible Pit Handrail.

Blue Steel developed these collapsible handrails to safely enter and exit the inspection pit.

We have dozens of handrails installed and our heavy-duty construction

has survived in even the harshest environments.


Blue Steel Handrails
Service Pit Collapsible Handrail


Rail Yard Chock Holder

Keeping with the philosophy of 5S

  • Make work easier by eliminating obstacles.
Wheel Chock Storage
Wheel Chock Stand



Drop Table Upgrades

We replaced a small cylinder that kept failing. This carriage and cylinder locks into place and has the lifting power to get the work done safely

Hydraulic Lift
Locomotive Transfer Table Lift


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