Rolling Mechanic Seat

Locomotive Pit rolling seat for pit work access
Rolling Seat for Service Pit Work
Seat with cushion

Aluminum Rolling Mechanic Seat

This J-Walker and Aluminum Seat reduces back strain when performing locomotive service or inspection.

Some of the older facilities had a pit depth of about 36″, the workers had to try and move up to 100 feet while working on inspections and it required some back straining positions.

We developed one of the walkers for parts and tools and the other for workers to move about the pit with ease.

The 1st Generation of J-Walker was a big hit with everyone working in the service pit, they have a small tray to hold Traction Motor Oil and some hand tools.

Traction Motor Oil Transport Walker
Walker assist for tools and Locomotive Traction Motor Oil

They were quickly repurposed for the electricians, who work for extended periods hunched over. so they added some rags for a cushion and had the work seat they needed.

Blue Steel J-Walker XL SH10072M
Blue Steel Pit Work Seat

Shipping Weight:40#


If you need a non rolling seat check this out: Electrician Work Seat for use in Locomotive Repair Facility


Mechanics Seat
Blue Steel Locomotive Work Seat

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