TRS SRS Sensor Gauges EMD Engine

TRS SRS Sensor Gauges EMD Locomotives

Diesel Fuel management specifications, Timing Reference Sensor, and Synchronous Reference Sensor.

Every Diesel shop has thickness gauges for this job, ours are color-coded with the minimum and maximum air gap engraved on the gauge.

  • We make and stock our Sensor Gauges for same and next-day shipment all over the world.
  • 3 piece set.  TRS SRS Feeler Gauges  .040-.070-.080 with storage pouch / Precision Ground to +/- .001 Thick
  • EMD 710 engines, use in railroad, marine, and industrial diesel shops.

Bright Color-coded and slight bends make these gauges easy to read and use in the confined spaces of the car body or engine room.

Our precision ground aerospace-grade aluminum is anodized and the sensor application is engraved into the gauge.

In stock and ready to ship.

Catalog# SH10161M – $87.00 FOR 3 PC sets as shown with pouch.

Sensor Gauges are in stock and ready to ship.



TRS/SRS Feeler Gauges set for EMD 710 Diesel Engines



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