Rolling Locomotive Ramp Platform

Rolling Locomotive Ramp Platform

Locomotive work platform and access stairs with wheels.

This is the easiest-to-use platform for your shop.  Roll it to the Locomotive and you now have a repair ramp, employees can safely bring tools and equipment to the running board and car body area and complete access via the stairs with handrails and a landing area to work from.

The work deck is available in 68″ and 71″ heights to match some of the newer and older model locomotives.  Our standard platform is 36″ wide x 96″ long and 54″ wide x 96″. After the platform is secured in place the transition to the locomotive running board is smooth transition.

From the shop floor workers can transfer tools and small parts needed to the platform deck.



This is the extended platform deck.


We use aerospace-grade aluminum on the frame components.   This grade of aluminum offers exceptional corrosion resistance and strength. All aluminum platforms come equipped with grip strut grating steps for secure footing in oily conditions and a 1/4″ thick Aluminum Diamond Plate deck with a reinforced support frame.  Handrails on both sides of the stairs and closed sides of the deck leaving open 1 side to butt up against the locomotive running board.

We will configure the stairs and the open side of the platform to suit your requirement.  These rolling locomotive ramp platforms are suitable for in-shop use on tracks with concrete or asphalt surfaces.  Some locations use them outdoors to expedite the service of equipment safely and not take up the time to spot the units in-house.

We have units that have been in service for well over a decade and are still being used daily.

Extended Platform Rolling Ramp Platform

We have also added an elevated rail platform for safe and easy locomotive running board access.  You see photos here as we prepare for shipment.


Elevated Rail Locomotive Work Platform
Aluminum work platform.  Locomotive running board access.
Work Platform Concept

Safety Platforms
Aluminum Work Platform
Aluminum Work Ramp
Locomotive Access Platform

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