GE FDL Engine Tool Dolly

GE FDL Engine Tool Dolly

GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly – EFI Engines- Cam segment and Journal Bushing replacement.

Blue Steel Catalog# SH10100M

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We make several types of 2 wheeled carts or dolly’s as we call them they are a great tool in keeping your shop organized for 5S tool management. The industry has become very aware of how much money can be saved through tool management. 1. Lost tools decline. 2. Productivity Increases. 3. Safety increases with things in the right place, and more.

Now you can store these tools in the tool crib and roll them to the shop floor when needed, or park this dolly right where the work is performed. All steel construction with a powder coated finish. We have had several in service for years now and they will be in service for many more.

This dolly is holding special tools required for the Hydraulic Cam Shaft Journal Install and Removal for GE Diesels – EFI FDL Engines and the Camshaft Segment Lifter for EFI FDL Engines. All located on one dolly easily wheeled to your location.

GE FDL Tool Dolly
Cam Lifter and Journal Bushing Dolly
Blue Steel Locomotive Shop Dolly

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