Work Stools and Rolling Pit Seat

Work Stools and Rolling Pit Seat

Low height work pits are especially hard on your workers and our work stools and rolling pit seats are your solutions.

We designed our J-Walker with a tray to hold oil, tools or other supplies, and then use like a walker.

This walker features a 24″ high handle 15″ wide x 14″ deep tray w/2″ lip for tool storage and 4 swivel wheels and strong aluminum construction.

For use in Service Pits: Locomotive, Bus, Truck or any confined spaces workers are walking and needing to carry tools.

We have had several in service for 10+ years in Railroad service pits.   They are Blue Steel Industry Standard tools.

Blue Steel J-Walker SH10070

Blue Steel Work Pit Walker


Blue Steel Catalog # SH10070


The J-Walker was a big hit with everyone working in the service pit and they promptly were repurposed as seats.

The electricians were having to work for extended periods hunched over and quickly added some rags for a cushion and had the work seat they needed.

Blue Steel J-Walker XL SH10072M

Blue Steel Pit Work Seat

Electrician Work Seat for use in Locomotive Repair Facility
Electrician Work Seat for use in Locomotive Repair Facility

Blue Steel Catalog # SH10072M
Price: $690.00 Metal Seat / $775.00 Upholstered Seat
Shipping Weight:40#

Blue Steel Aluminum Work Seat / Stool SH10310M

Blue Steel Mechanic/Electrician work seat.

Specifically designed for Electricians to use when servicing EMD SD70, SD60 & SD40 & GE Locomotives.

CDC (compressor) Contacts(GE) / Fooling Fan Contacts (EMD)

Since has been adopted for many applications to eliminate kneeling and back bending working conditions.

24″ x 10″ seat area, 16″ high Plus 2″ cushion. Large cutouts for handling.

UPRR Store Stock# 41005240


Blue Steel Catalog # SH10310M
Price: $345.00
Shipping Weight:12#

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