Small Hanging Tool Caddy

Handrail Tool Tray

Small Tool Tray and Large Tool Tray

Hand tool and parts organizer

Aluminum hanging tool tray with hooks.

Small Hanging Tool Caddy Blue Steel Catalog #SH10031 Weight: 12# Length: 34″

Large Tool Caddys SH10030 65″ Long CLICK HERE

     3 Reasons our customers want these Tool and Part Trays

  1. Reduce trip hazards with tools and parts safely stored.
  2. Less risk of a back injury. No need for workers to bend over and grab parts or tools off the floor.
  3. Time Savings, pre-stage parts, and tools for service work.



Aluminum construction, .090 sheet metal pan with divider/ The frame is .125 thick aluminum angle. Handrail hangar hook are .250 thick and fit over 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ pipe handrails,  34″ wide x 12″ with a 3″ high lip.

Easy access to tools and parts when working on the service ramp, running board of locomotives, car departments, or any shop area with a standard handrail nearby.

Industry Standard Tool Tray for, Diesel Shops, Car Shops, Power Plants, Processing Plants.


Handrail Tool Tray 34"
Small Aluminum hanging tool caddy with divider.
Handrail Tool Tray with divider
Small Tool Caddy
Handrail Tool Tray12
The small Tool Caddy, is ready to ship.

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