5S Tool Storage Organization

5S Tool Storage Organization

5S System- Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain + Safety


Assemble what you need to perform the task


Put all your items in a strategic order for efficiency.


Keep the next user in mind, and nobody likes a greasy tool.


Is everyone on the same page for your standard work processes?


When we get busy sometimes this is the weakest area, getting the first four done right will make it more natural to Sustain!


Some say this should be first! Workplace safety has to be a top priority.

Have a look around

We have helped many shops with this process by designing carts, tool boards, storage areas, and many tools.

Please take a look at what items may be utilized in your shop to help you accomplish your goals.

Shop Floor block Storage
Store your parts under an existing cabinet to keep parts organized and reduce the range of back motion to access parts and it utilized dead space in the shop.
5S Tool Storage ideas
5S Pegboard Tool Cabinet with under-cabinet storage rack.
Heavy Turnbuckles and Clevises are often stored in a pile or on the ground as a tripping hazard.
Heavy Duty Pallet stand. This one holds a pallet of Locomotive Couplers.
Keep slings out of the elements with this cabinet.
Outdoor storage cabinet.
5S Tool Storage Cabinet
Metal Storage Cabinet
Peg Board Storage Cabinet 3
Master link Storage Hooks and Pegboard


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