Hand Trucks and Shop Carts

Steel Service Cart
Top and Middle Shelf Steel Shop Cart -NO PINCH push handle.
Service Pit Cart

Custom-built Shop Carts and Hand Trucks

You have hundreds of options for standard hand trucks and carts, many are homeowner quality, and they will not survive an industrial work environment.

The other challenge is they will accumulate parts and trash, it’s best if each tool needed has a designated storage space allowing a quick visual inspection.

Industry Standard Hand Trucks and shop Carts

Steps for organizing your tool storage

First, we inventory all of the tools needed for the job, then, with the assistance of your shop floor workers, we’ll lay out the tool flow needed to build the cart to match your shop and worker requirements.

Check out these solutions to help move your 5S plans forward. We have assisted several shops with their 5S tool organizing efforts. Blue SteelCo has built hundreds of Custom Hand Trucks, 2 wheeled dollies, and carts over the years. Our hand trucks will conveniently locate your job-specific parts in one location.

SORT- Lean Management

The first task, determine what tools will be necessary to complete the job.

Then we will document the size and weight of everything to establish the size of the cart or dolly needed.


The tools required for the job will then be laid out for the most efficient usage to complete the task.


Now, a standard work document will be created for review with the workers, and a laminated copy will be attached to the dolly for reference.



Hand Truck Lift Dolly
Portable lift hand truck with attachments.
Portable lift dolly with attachments.
Pit Cart Lid











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