Railroad Handhold Straightener

Railroad Handhold Straightener

Bent handholds pulled back in place.

The handholds can be easily straightened back into place with this tool. Known for its effectiveness, this tool has been a staple in the industry for years. Commonly referred to as “The Tomahawk” or the “Handhold Straightener,” it provides the leverage needed to straighten solid metal handholds.

The tool features a textured handle for secure gripping and a wide, flat head for stable pulling. Built to industry standards, this railroad tool is designed for durability.

Measuring 36 inches in length, the tool offers ample leverage. Its steel plate head is specifically designed for a large contact area, providing the power needed for heavy-duty bending tasks.

Railcar Handhold Straightener – Blue Steel Catalog # SH10126M

Railroad Handhold Straightener

Railworker Handhold Straightener

Southern Pacific Car Department Tools

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