Collapsible Pit Handrails for Service Pits


Discover New Collapsible Handrails: Improve Pit Safety and Efficiency.

They’re easy to use,  with Collapsible Pit Handrails, your workers just unlatch and release the handrail into the pit in less than a minute, allowing the movement of equipment over the pit service area.

When workers want to enter the work pit simply use the pull handle and place the handrail in the upright position, fully latched, this process takes less than one minute.

Will they work in all work pits? 

The simple answer is most pits are suitable, we have built them for several different applications over the last 13 years. We will email a simple layout form to check measurements and obstacles to confirm your specific application.

We have found about 96% of industrial service pits are entirely suitable for the handrails.

Are your Collapsible Pit Handrails in stock and ready to ship?

We custom-fit for your facility therefore they are built to order however, we stock the subcomponents and machined parts so we can deliver them to you within a few weeks.

How are they installed?

Complete fabrication and fit-up are done before we ship to your site. Then, your crew will mount 2 rails to the wall and a bracket to mount on the stairwell stringer or the supplied angle mount, if needed.

We provide a slide deck showing all the steps required.

Why do we need handrails for our work pits?

They may be required by your State, County, or City building or worker safety codes. Over the last several years new requirements have been put in place.

If not required by law, you may consider most Slips, Trips, and Falls are preventable yet, still represent one-third of workplace injuries and deaths.

Enhance pit safety with our Collapsible Pit Handrails.

  • Potential 5-foot fall.
  • Limited Points of Contact.
Collapsible Pit Handrails
No handrail protection on stairs







Do your pits comply with OSHA and local standards for stairwell safety?

Make sure your company is OSHA Compliant and check your local code requirements also.


Send us an inquiry for the Collapsible Pit Handrails. 800-377-2109   Blue SteelCo Catalog # SH10120M

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Collapsible Pit Handrails
 Our collapsible Pit Handrails are designed for safety first.