Collapsible Pit Handrails

Collapsible Handrails for Industrial Shop Safety

Blue Steel Catalog # SH10120M

Secure and Strong Collapsible Handrails in the Locked Upright Position so Workers can safely access the work pit area.  Lower Handrails and Equipment can pass over.

Pit handrails that retract.
Workers will have a Safe Entry and Exit for your pit.
Handrails Lowered Out Of The Way for equipment movement.

Workers needing access to a pit can quickly raise the handrails and enter the pit safely.
Do your pits comply with OSHA and local standards for stairwell safety.
Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries, and stairs present one of the biggest fall and injury risks on the job, so having a handrail for all stairwells is key to reducing injuries.  You can install our Collapsible Handrails on most existing pit stairwells.

Very is easy to operate with included handle for pulling into place.

Blue Steel has developed a Collapsible handrail set up that is a first in work pit safety. The handrails easily lock in to place and release with our heavy-duty latching system.

Durable Construction with over a decade of installations being used every day.

The durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel locking mechanism can withstand oil, chemicals, and other harsh workplace environment conditions. The rolling parts are UHMW, so they move smoothly into position; the handrails and wall channels have a durable powder-coated surface.

Many of our installations have been in service for over a decade without a failure. Our collapsible handrails are custom-built to install in your service pit correctly.

Make sure your company is OSHA Compliant and check your local code requirements also.


Collapsible Pit Handrails
Potential 5-foot fall!! With protruding obstacles, that may cause more injuries.
Collapsible Pit Handrails
Handrails In Upright Position

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Collapsible Pit Handrails
Our collapsible Pit Handrails designed for safety first.