Service Carts

Heavy Duty Metal Service Carts

 Blue Steel Carts are “Industry Standard” Service Carts

How many options are out there for shop carts or service carts?  A lot!  Mostly light gauge sheet metal, bolt-together units.  In heavy industry shops, they last about 2 weeks.  That is not a good value.  A cheap caster can be purchased overseas for a couple of dollars each.  You can literally run the wheels off of these things in a short time.

Consider these factors when purchasing a cart.

  1. How much weight does it need to hold?
  2. Is it used daily for 1,2 or 3 shifts or occasionally?
  3. Will the cart be for indoor or outdoor use?
  4. What will it roll over? Rocks, Cement, Asphalt, railroad tracks, large cracks?
  5. Should you be applying brakes when parked?

I have seen workers with a 100# load pushing carts with 4 swivel casters and tiny 2″ wheels bumping down a rough asphalt driveway.

**Do not try this at Work, It’s very dangerous**

We have applied what we have learned over the years to build some solid carts for your shops that will last years with proper use.


What is 9-3?

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Heavy Duty Steel Supply Cart
Steel Supply Cart, 6″x 2″ casters with brakes that are work boot accessible.


Steel Service Cart
No lower shelf and new Blue SteelCo Industry Standard NO PINCH push handle.


Vise Mount Cart
Vise Mount provision with steel angle reinforcement.


Car Dept Buggy Bar
Car Dept Buggy bar cart with rough terrain wheels.


Heavy Hose Reel Transport


Service Carts and Supply Carts

Service Carts and Supply Carts

Custom Carts for Industry