Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack

Safe Organized Fire Extinguisher Storage

How to safely store multiple Fire Extinguishers.

  Organized Blue Steel Fire Extinguisher Rack

What is a Fire Extinguisher Storage and management process?

Over the last 30 years, I visited hundreds of our client’s facilities, workshops, railyards, and job sites, and the progress in making our industrial work environments safer has been significant. So here at Blue SteelCo, we are proud to assist our customers and help make their workspaces safe, more organized, and efficient.

We developed our fire extinguisher rack for a specific reason. It helps reduce trip hazards caused by emptied or outdated bottles lying around the property.
OSHA continues to to cite, Fall Protection Citations and Slip/Fall injuries are at the top of the list.  The discharged extinguishers could be mistaken for a charged unit should a fire erupt, resulting in injuries to your workers.

We spoke to plant managers, safety supervisors, maintenance managers, and others, we developed our plan for the perfect fire extinguisher rack.

  1.  The Fire Extinguisher Rack must hold multiple bottles; this makes the accumulation of expired, discharged, and empty fire extinguishers organized and effective.
  2.  Forklift access makes transporting empty extinguishers to a refill location, and full extinguishers for distribution in large yards or facilities a snap.
  3.  Heavy Duty fabrication and durability, we fabricated our first units almost 20 years ago, and are still in use. Our Industry Standard steel fabrication and zinc-rich primed and powder-coated finish provides a product suitable for any commercial or industrial facility.

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Key Benefits of Our Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack

Eliminate trip hazards
Correctly identify discharged and charged fire extinguishers
Speed up your recharging service

Checking and keeping fully charged fire extinguishers is a crucial factor in fire safety.  Our handy Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack is part of your solution.

Forklift pockets make it easy to move and 24 Spots 8-1/2″ Square Will hold most standard-size bottles.  The overall size is 52″ long x 35″ deep and 16″ high.

Pallet Jack movable Bulk Fire Extinguisher storage options are also available.

All steel construction and powder-coated safety yellow.


Customer Information

Fire Extinguisher Storage Rack

Fire Extinguisher Hand Truck
Fire Extinguisher Cart
Drawing for 12 place Rack with Legs
Safe Organized Fire Extinguisher Storage
SH10032 24 place  Storage Rack
Cad Print for Double Stack Storage Rack

Organized Blue Steel Fire Extinguisher Rack. Keep your workplace safe organized and clean.  When there is a designated process for the storage of tools and supplies, you move closer to your 5S goal.  Sort, Set in order, Shine/Sweep, Standardize, and Sustain.

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Blue Steel Next Gen Tool Cart

Next Gen Tool Cart

Kaizen, 5S Heavy Duty Tool Carts

Blue Steel Co., Inc. Catalog #SH10322

The most versatile tool cart for your tool organization.

You know how it goes, every department weighs in about the workflow, tool layout and the decision is made.  Toolboards and carts are fabricated and delivered, then some tool manufacturing company modifies their tool.  Now what?  Cutting wheel and rattle can come out and the maintenance department gets to modify all the system carts.

Not with our carts, you can remove and replace all the hangers on the tool boards quickly and easily. Layout changes and new tools can be added quickly

The large cart shown here is about 88″ long with 48″ high panels.  The width is approx, 34″   Provisions for pushing the cart, lift with forks, lift with an overhead crane.

You can buy the pegboard panels separately HERE.


Industrial Pegboard

Pegboard Cart, custom tool hangers


Custom tool cart side 2

Catalog #SH10322 Next Gen Tool Cart

Steel Constructed frame with 12 gauge, Hot Dipped Galvanized Pegboard 88″ Long x 48″ high on 2 sides

DESCRIPTION: Pegboard available in Sq. Hole or Round Hole configuration. Holders are sold separately and light-duty holders are available for suitable applications.


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