Lightweight Locomotive Safety Flag

Locomotive Tag Out Flag

*Safety Flags for windy days, or nights*

Next-Gen / High Wind Blue Flag

Blue Steels High Wind Blue Flag is the best blue flag for windy conditions. Durable aluminum construction and still only weighs 8 pounds!

Our perforated panels allow air to flow through for easier handling in windy conditions.

SAFETY FIRST, and with our PVC-colored handle options, you can keep your flags organized by specified yard areas.

Catalog # SH10050 High Wind Blue Flag

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Safety Flag main page here.

The Best Blue Flag Protection
The Best Blue Flag Protection
Blue Flag FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218 Blue Flag Protection

Portable Track Work Platform

Portable Track Work Platform

Revolutionize Your Maintenance Operations with the Portable Track Work Platform

As a maintenance professional working on locomotives or railcars, you are all too familiar with the complexities and challenges of accessing hard-to-reach areas safely and efficiently. Traditional methods often involve cumbersome setups, multiple tools, and makeshift platforms that can be both time-consuming and hazardous. These inefficiencies not only delay maintenance schedules but also increase the risk of workplace injuries, affecting the overall productivity and profitability of your operations.

The Challenge

Every maintenance job brings its own set of obstacles, especially when it comes to accessing the front or rear of a locomotive or railcar. Current solutions often require extensive setup times, including multiple tools and unstable platforms that fail to provide the necessary safety measures. This cumbersome process not only wastes valuable time but also puts your workers at risk, leading to potential injuries and compromised team morale.

The Struggle

Imagine the frustration of spending hours setting up a makeshift platform, only to realize that it is not stable enough for safe use. The constant setup and breakdown of these inadequate platforms consume precious time that could be better spent on actual maintenance tasks. More importantly, the instability and lack of proper safety measures pose a significant risk to your team, leading to potential injuries that could have been avoided. This stressful situation affects not only your team’s efficiency but also the overall productivity and profitability of your maintenance operations.

The Solution: Portable Track Work Platform

Introducing the Portable Track Work Platform—a game-changing solution designed to meet the specific needs of maintenance professionals like you. This innovative platform addresses all the pain points associated with traditional maintenance setups, offering a safer, more efficient, and more reliable alternative.

  • Movability: The steel platform is easily movable with a forklift or overhead crane and rolls smoothly along existing shop rails, ensuring quick and effortless setup.
  • Safety: Once in place, the platform locks securely with handrails, providing a safe and stable work surface. The 56″ wide by 89″ long steel tube frame with removable aluminum handrails ensures maximum safety and flexibility.
  • Sturdy Surface: The large steel grating platform provides a sturdy surface that allows dirt and debris to fall through, maintaining a clean and hazard-free work area.
  • Efficiency: Designed for accessing the front or rear of a locomotive or railcar, the platform streamlines maintenance operations, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity.

Transform Your Maintenance Operations

Upgrade your maintenance operations with the Portable Track Work Platform and experience a dramatic improvement in safety, efficiency, and productivity. By investing in this innovative solution, you can ensure the safety of your team, reduce downtime, and enhance the overall effectiveness of your maintenance tasks.

Don’t let outdated methods hold you back any longer. Contact us today to learn more about the Portable Track Work Platform and how it can revolutionize your maintenance operations. Embrace the future of efficient and safe maintenance with our cutting-edge platform, and see the difference it makes in your daily workflow.

Experience the ultimate solution for maintenance professionals—experience the Portable Track Work Platform.


Coupler Work Platform1Coupler Work Platform4

Contact us at 800 377-2109

Contact us at  Call us 800-377-2109

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Blue Signal Protection of Workers

Blue Signal Protection of Workers

Blue SteelCo, Blue Flag Safety EquipmentBlue Flag Protection of Workers

Ensure the safety of your railroad workers with our premium Blue Flag safety equipment. Designed to comply with FRA 218 regulations, our Blue Flags provide maximum visibility and protection for workers performing inspections, testing, repairs, and servicing of rolling equipment.

Blue Flag Aluminum Staff

  • Length Options:
    • Standard: 102″
    • Optional: 126″ (Great for ballast areas)
  • Material: 1” square aluminum
  • PVC Coating: 44” of PVC coating for safe gripping
    • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Red, White, Yellow
  • Weight: 8 lbs.

Reflective Blue Flags

  • Size: 1/8” x 9-1/2” x 19”
  • Features:
    • Perforated for easier handling in windy environments
    • Highly reflective for visibility in low-light conditions
    • Durable construction to withstand harsh environments

Product Highlights

  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets FRA 218 requirements for Blue Signal Protection.
  • Enhanced Safety: Reflective blue flags ensure maximum visibility, preventing accidents.
  • Durable Design: Aluminum staff and PVC coating provide longevity and safe handling.
  • Customizable Options: Choose from multiple PVC colors and staff lengths to suit your specific needs.

Regulatory Background: FRA 218

The Federal Railroad Administration’s CFR 49 Part 218 mandates Blue Flag protection for railroad workers. This regulation prescribes the minimum requirements for the protection of workers involved in inspecting, testing, repairing, and servicing rolling equipment. It ensures that no equipment is moved or coupled while workers are present, thereby preventing accidents and injuries.

Why Blue Flags Are Essential

Enhanced Visibility: The reflective nature of the blue flags ensures they are visible at all times, reducing the risk of accidents caused by unnoticed workers.

Regulatory Compliance: Adhering to FRA 218 regulations helps railroads avoid legal liabilities and ensures they are following federal safety standards.

Worker Safety: By clearly marking equipment that is under maintenance, Blue Flags protect workers from the dangers associated with accidental movements of rolling stock.

Operational Efficiency: Standardizing the use of Blue Flags and ensuring their visibility helps in coordinating maintenance activities efficiently, minimizing disruptions in railroad operations.

Click here for our Main Blue Flag Page: Next Gen High Wind Blue Flag



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Locomotive Safety Handrail

Locomotive Running Board Safety Rail

Running Board Safety Rail

The Locomotive Handrail is a safety add-on that attaches to the outside of a locomotive’s existing handrails.

Designed with four horizontal bars, it creates a visual cue to help workers maintain awareness of their surroundings during maintenance tasks, without impeding movement or door operation.

SKU# SH10267M Locomotive Safety Handrail – Main Product Page HERE

Measuring 36 inches high and 96 inches long, the handrail includes two aluminum clamps, three vertical supports, and four horizontal bars. Installation is simple using two adjustable clamps on the locomotive’s vertical poles.

An alternative vertical handrail, the SH10266M Vertical Handrail, is available for those needing to go above the locomotive handrail.

Proper inspection before use is essential, checking for broken welds and ensuring all components are in good condition. Installation involves placing the safety rail over the outside of the existing handrail, locking hangers, and securely tightening the adjustable stanchion clamps.

Both the SH10267M and SH10266M handrails provide crucial safety enhancements for workers performing maintenance tasks on locomotives, with thoughtful design and easy installation.

Call 800-377-2109 Email:

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Metal Parts Cabinets

Metal Parts Cabinets

Blue Steel builds heavy duty Custom Cabinets for secure material or tool storage.

This unit is to ensure lifting slings are not exposed to the elements where they become degraded. Large doors give you access to 78″ Overall height x 60″ wide x 10″ Deep Cabinet.

Both metal parts cabinets below are constructed of heavy 12 gauge steel with a zinc rich primer coat, then powder coated safety yellow.

OSHA warns about the environmental damage and slings that fail.

Effects of Environment

  • Store lifting slings in an area where they will not be subjected to mechanical, chemical, ultraviolet damage, or extreme temperatures,
  • When slings are exposed to extreme temperatures, follow the guidance provided by the sling manufacturer or qualified person.
  • Consult the sling manufacturer for recommended inspection procedures when nylon or polyester webbing slings are extensively exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light.

Metal Parts Cabinets
Blue Steel Heavy Duty Pegboard with hooks

Metal Parts Cabinets
Lift Sling Cabinet with pegboard

Metal Parts Cabinets
Nylon Sling Storage

Cabinets are also used for storage of Locomotive parts closer to the work area for better efficiencies.

63″ Overall height x 60″ wide x 20″ Deep Cabinet. With separate compartments and shelves.

The cabinets below are constructed of heavy 12 gauge steel with a zinc rich primer coat, then powder coated safety yellow.

These cabinets are used to store reconditioned eductor tubes on the Locomotive Service Track.

Metal Parts Cabinets
Service Track Storage Cabinet

Metal Parts Cabinets
Service Track Storage Cabinet








Contact Blue Steel for custom sheet metal fabrication for industrial use.



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Collapsible Handrails

Introducing Blue Steel Collapsible Handrails for Service Pits

OSHA Pit Handrials
Adjustable, Collapsible Handrails

These handrails are the Ideal solution for ensuring safety in service pits by preventing slips, trips, and falls.

Blue Steel handrails are easy to install are custom built for your service pit. Our handrails are durable and made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel for the locking mechanism that can withstand oil, chemicals, and other harsh workplace environmental conditions. The rolling parts are UHMW, so they move smoothly into position; the handrails and wall channels have a durable powder-coated surface

Our handrails are the best way to keep your workers safe and comply with OSHA safety regulations, and we have over 13 years of history designing and building these handrails for customers in North America.

Contact Blue Steel with details about your facility and learn more about our collapsible handrails and how they can help keep your workers safe.

  • Prevent slips, trips, and falls
  • Easy to install
  • Custom-built to fit any service pit
  • Made from durable materials
  • Meet or exceed OSHA standards



Contact us.

Stairs without handrails are a trip-fall hazard


Ensure your company is OSHA Compliant and check your local code requirements.


For more information please contact Blue Steel

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Blue Flag Safety

Railroad Worker Blue Flag Safety First

We are always looking for better ways to keep workers safe.  As new products are developed, I’m always sketching and drawing concepts on my tablets at home for future reference.

Recently I came home to a new concept from my 5-year-old Granddaughter for a Blue Flag.  As you can tell she is very loving and thought hearts would make a good addition to SAFETY FIRST!! I agree, after all, it’s all about making sure we all go home safe to our family every day.

I hope we all teach them while they are young to work safely.

Check out our Railroad Blue Flag for Windy Conditions Next Gen High Wind Blue Flag





Safe Work

Safety on the job at the railroad!

Kneeling / Sitting Stool Catalog # SH10310

Locomotive Handrail Catalog # LOC10011M

It always makes us pleased to see our railroad safety products used on the job!

Working on railroads is tough, and being safe and ergonomically correct is really important. Our Aluminum Safety Locomotive Rail, LOC10011M, makes sure that workers tools don’t fall and a visible barrier to do their job easily. This safety bar fits just right between the handrails of a train, making the place where people work safer. Checking it before use is super easy to make sure everything’s okay.

Putting this rail up is simple: just lay it on top of the handrail, lock it with a pin, and make the clamps tight so it won’t move.

We also have a special stool that goes with it. It’s made of tough aluminum and has a soft place to kneel or squat, so workers don’t get sore when they have to work for a long time. It’s big enough for any job, but not too big to move around easily because it has a handle.

These products do more than just follow safety rules; they make being safe at work even better.

Together, these products don’t just meet safety standards—they elevate the very concept of workplace safety.

Safety Rail and Stool
Locomotive Handrail and Electrician Stool

Call us about our worker safety items. 800-377-2109


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Locomotive Service Ramp Platform

Safety Platform
Aluminum Work Platform

Aluminum Work Ramp
Locomotive Access Platform

Portable Ramp for Locomotive Service

Use the Aluminum Work Platform to facilitate the maintenance of rolling stock.

Create a secure zone in your workshop to safely conduct maintenance and repair work on locomotives.

This high-rise railway platform allows secure entry to locomotives stationed in areas that would typically be difficult to reach.

A single platform can be smoothly moved along the track to the location where the locomotive is parked. Large wheels ensure effortless movement, while bumper rollers guide the platform to stay on the track.

Are you looking for smaller stands and platforms, check out this page.


Contact us for more information 800-377-2109

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