Locomotive Safety Handrail

Locomotive Running Board Safety Rail

Running Board Safety Rail

The Locomotive Handrail is a safety add-on that attaches to the outside of a locomotive’s existing handrails.

Designed with four horizontal bars, it creates a visual cue to help workers maintain awareness of their surroundings during maintenance tasks, without impeding movement or door operation.

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Measuring 36 inches high and 96 inches long, the handrail includes two aluminum clamps, three vertical supports, and four horizontal bars. Installation is simple using two adjustable clamps on the locomotive’s vertical poles.

An alternative vertical handrail, the SH10266M Vertical Handrail, is available for those needing to go above the locomotive handrail.

Proper inspection before use is essential, checking for broken welds and ensuring all components are in good condition. Installation involves placing the safety rail over the outside of the existing handrail, locking hangers, and securely tightening the adjustable stanchion clamps.

Both the SH10267M and SH10266M handrails provide crucial safety enhancements for workers performing maintenance tasks on locomotives, with thoughtful design and easy installation.

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