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Safety on the job at the railroad!

Kneeling / Sitting Stool Catalog # SH10310

Locomotive Handrail Catalog # LOC10011M

It always makes us pleased to see our railroad safety products used on the job!

Working on railroads is tough, and being safe and ergonomically correct is really important. Our Aluminum Safety Locomotive Rail, LOC10011M, makes sure that workers tools don’t fall and a visible barrier to do their job easily. This safety bar fits just right between the handrails of a train, making the place where people work safer. Checking it before use is super easy to make sure everything’s okay.

Putting this rail up is simple: just lay it on top of the handrail, lock it with a pin, and make the clamps tight so it won’t move.

We also have a special stool that goes with it. It’s made of tough aluminum and has a soft place to kneel or squat, so workers don’t get sore when they have to work for a long time. It’s big enough for any job, but not too big to move around easily because it has a handle.

These products do more than just follow safety rules; they make being safe at work even better.

Together, these products don’t just meet safety standards—they elevate the very concept of workplace safety.

Safety Rail and Stool
Locomotive Handrail and Electrician Stool

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