Large Tool Caddy

Large Tool Caddy

65″ Hanging tool caddy

Aluminum construction, sheet metal pan with angle frame. 4 hanger hooks and optional dividers. 65″ wide x 12″ with a 3″ high lip.

Easy access to tools and parts when working on the service ramp, running board of locomotives, car departments or any shop area with a standard handrail nearby.

For our 34″ Hanging tool caddy click here.

GE Tier 4 Hanging Tool caddy= Easily fits over the larger handrail stands on the Newer Locomotives

Handrail Tool Tray11


Handrail Tool Tray10

Handrail Tool Tray4
Tool Caddy with dividers

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Hydraulic Aluminum Crossover Bridge

Installation of a crossover bridge

A Crossover Bridge will be a huge timesaver in your shop. With a push of a button, your workers can safely move across shop locations and not waste that time or risking injury walking up and down ramps and stairs.

This installation shows how the bridge we installed 10 years earlier was salvaged from a location that was shut down and modified for its new home.

The Original Bridge Installation was about 1999- Photo shows taken 2003
The pump was mounted under the concrete ramp.
After we refurbished the hydraulics and pins and a new paint job
We had to design an anchor stand for the bridge since this metal grating deck was not suitable for mounting the bridge
The stand also served as our pump mounting location under the bridge.



The Report is in.

The Report is in.

This stuff is heavy duty!!

With all the talk about all the big things going on today, we figured we could take some time to clear up something.  Our pegboard and our heavy duty custom hangers are one of our most popular products with heavy industry because so many “homeowner” type products are being re-marketed to the industrial sector we decided to go big.  From our storage cabinets to wall mounted pegboards they are all geared toward 5S tool organization for the industry sector.  We even call it the “industry standard”.

Just how tough is it? Well here is a photo of about 85+ pounds hanging in the same area of the mounted board.  The pegboard panel and hangers are built to be used in a heavy shop environment.

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Cooling System Test Kit 5S Tool management

Cooling System Test Kit Tool Dolly

Cooling System Test Kit for GE and EMD Engines

Blue Steel Catalog# SH10040

This kit has several components that are all located on one dolly and include a place for all the different models of Neck Fill Pressure Fixtures.  We have now included the hose holders to help keep the newer stiff hoses from unwrapping on the cart.  Call us 800-377-2109

GE and EMD Cooling System Test Kit Tool Dolly
Locate and wheel all your tools needed to test cooling system pressure.

GE and EMD Cooling System Test Kit Tool Dolly
Blue Steel Railroad Industry Standard Tools and Equipment.

Hose Keepers for Dolly or tool board

Truck Upfit for the Road Crew-Keeping Safe

Road Crew Truck Upfit

This crew hits the road in the rain, wind or snow, they deserve the same work safe environment as the shop crew does.

We were tasked with securing all the required tools for the job. We designed a special slide for the derailer since it is so heavy and required a reach and lift with your back extended.  Is this OSHA number one back strain position?  It may be, but now the slide mechanism pulls it out so it is a straight arm lift position.  Next came securing brake shoes,  Derail Locks, MU hoses, buggy bars, and brooms.

The first truck we did was old but we completely emptied and cleaned out the bed for layout.


Almost as nice as when it was new just a little more character.

Locomotive TRS SRS Sensor Gauges

TRS SRS Sensor Gauges

TRS SRS Feeler Gauges  .040-.070-.080

Catalog# SH10161M – $65.00/set as shown with pouch.

Color-coded and slight bend make these gauges easy to use in the confined spaces of the car body. A precision Ground aerospace-grade aluminum with sensor application engraved into the gauge.

EMD Diesel Engines for use in Railpower, Marine, Industrial.

For more info go to this page TRS/SRS Sensor

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TRS/SRS Feeler Gauges set for EMD Diesel Engines

In-House Safety Blue Flags

In-House Safety Blue Flags

New safety flag design with durable 40″ square tube aluminum staff and 4″ x 15″ STOP  (30″Overall)


Osha and FRA required flags state you need a consistent message. So we offer a variety of common safety call outs for Railroad Safety Signs.

Reflective Prismatic Signs with 2 powerful magnets that are molded in rubber to help prevent magnets from breaking. Magnets have 2″ standoffs so the staff will not hit the cab window sill area.


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Pegboard Hook Hanger

3-1/2″ Long Square Hole Pegboard Hook Hanger

Now available in stock, pegboard hangers that don’t fall off the board when you grab your tools.  These HeavyDuty hangers are able to hold your larger tools with no problem.

Catalog# TLB10248 3-1/2″ Post w/60 Deg bend for Square Hole Pegboards.


3/8 Post Heavy Duty Pegboard hanger

heavy duty pegboard hooks
Industrial Grade Pegboard Hangers

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