Large Tool Caddy

When you have hand tools, nuts, bolts, and parts where do you keep them?

Hang this caddy where you can have everything at arm’s length.


Aluminum construction, sheet metal pan with angle frame. 4 hanger hooks and optional dividers. 65″ wide x 12″ with a 3″ high lip.

Easy access to tools and parts when working on the service ramp, running board of locomotives, car departments, or any shop area with a standard handrail nearby.

For our 34″ Hanging tool caddy click here.

GE Tier 4 Hanging Tool caddy= Easily fits over the larger handrail stands on the Newer Locomotives

Handrail Tool Tray11

Handrail Tool Tray10

Handrail Tool Tray4
Tool Caddy with dividers













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Black Tank Pull Handles

Black Tank Pull Handles

Emergency Pull Handles

This Stainless Steel pull handle is truly an Emergency Pull handle since if your black or grey tank is full, and the Plastic Pull Handle Breaks, you have and emergency on your hands.

The hook end is fashioned to hook on the existing stop nut on the metal shaft that is still present when the plastic T Handle has broken off.  We have made these for the Locomotive Service Crews for years.  It’s also a great item to keep in your RV for the “just in case” day comes when you’re traveling and the handle breaks.



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Locomotive TRS SRS Sensor Gauges

TRS SRS Sensor Gauges

TRS SRS Feeler Gauges  .040-.070-.080

Precision Ground to +/-.001 Tolerance.

EMD TRS Sensor SRS Sensor
TRS/SRS Feeler Gauges set for EMD Diesel Engines

Catalog# SH10161M – $87.00 3 pc set as shown with pouch.

Color-coded and slight bends make these gauges easy to use in the confined spaces of the car body.  Precision Ground aerospace-grade aluminum with sensor application engraved on the gauge.

EMD Diesel Engines for use in Railpower, Marine, and Industrial.

For more info go to this page TRS/SRS Sensor



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Inrail Aluminum Crossover Bridge

Aluminum Crossover Bridge

Catalog# SH10150

Our Inrail Aluminum Crossover Bridge helps to eliminate slip-fall hazards and provides sure footing when traversing railroad tracks.

The Sturdy structural aluminum design sits on top of the foot of the steel rail and provides a stable surface for foot traffic.

Designed to remain in place when moving locomotives in and out of the work area.

Hand cutouts for easy removal, and track cleaning.

Aluminum Safety Grip Grating, for walking and working surfaces where mud, ice, snow, grease, and oil can create a slip/fall hazard.

Removable posts and chains are to alert workers about a Blue Flag Protection condition.  Federal Regulation 49 CFR 218.37

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Aluminum In rail crossover bridge for railyards
In rail crossover bridge for the safe transition over in rails.



Inrail Aluminum Crossover Bridge

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GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly

GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly
Cam Lifter and Journal Bushing Dolly
GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly
Blue Steel Locomotive Shop Dolly

Roll the tools up next to the GE FDL Locomotive. This will reduce Tool Room trips and heavy lifting.

The Tesco Tools (T55961 & T55991) fit securely on the cart including the cables and hoses.

All steel construction and Zinc Rich Powder coating for heavy-duty work environments.

Solid 1-piece Molded wheels are oil and chemical-resistant.

These wheels will not go flat or suffer tread peel-off.

GE FDL  EFI Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly / Catalog # FDL10100M

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