Steel Shop Carts

Industrial Grade Steel Shop Carts

You bought something new and it broke already?

Yes, we all have had the “CHEAP JUNK!” thought about something we have purchased, maybe you’ve had that thought this week about your tools and equipment in your shop, perhaps your steel shop cart?

It seems like all the talk about the “throw-away” society has been around for decades, nothing new to see here, many times we don’t even return it for credit, just toss it away and buy a new one.

My experience this week was a little different, I was visiting a customer facility for a new project when I ran into this product.   It sure looks used, and it should, it has survived over 8 years of use at a locomotive repair shop, hey do you know any railroaders, they can be really rough on equipment.  If you don’t know, it is a harsh environment, no not the people, the work is hard and everything is heavy. Empty Railcars weigh 25-30 Tons and Locomotives Weigh 200+ Tons.

Photo from November 2019

Steel Machinist Cart
SmallCart1 Blue Steel Machinist Cart








Now here is the photo from August 2011, the same casters, same paint job, a lot shinier.  This is a great example of the value of a product.  Anything that survives 8 years in a locomotive repair shop is doing pretty good.  Blue Steel had strived for many years to provide an “Industrial Grade” product for our customers.

It sounds silly but when I saw that beat-up old cart, I just smiled.


GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly

GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly
Cam Lifter and Journal Bushing Dolly

Cam Lifter and Journal Bushing Dolly

GE FDL Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly
Blue Steel Locomotive Shop Dolly

Roll the tools up next to the GE FDL Locomotive. This will reduce Tool Room trips and heavy lifting.

The Tesco Tools (T55961 & T55991) fit securely on cart including the cables and hoses.

All steel construction and Zinc Rich Powder coating for heavy duty work environments.

Solid 1 piece Molded wheels are oil and chemical resistant.

These wheels will not go flat or suffer tread peel off.

GE FDL  EFI Engine Locomotive Tool Dolly / Catalog # FDL10100M

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Locomotive Diesel Shop Carts

Locomotive Diesel Shop Carts

Coolant pump cart.

2″ x 8″ Wheels 2 swivel casters with brakes 2 fixed casters.

5.5 GPM Forward 5.0 GPM Reverse 12 Volt Vane Pump

15′ of 3/8″ PVC Hose with gate ball valve and spigot.

The cart has a built-in hose hanger, battery box, and battery charger.

GenSet Rad Cart - 1 GenSet Rad Cart - 2