5S Tool Cabinets with peg board

5S Tool Cabinet with peg board.
5S Tool Cabinet with peg board.

Industrial-Grade Pegboard Cabinets for Efficient Tool Management

Elevate Your Lean Processes

If you’re implementing Six Sigma or any other Lean Process methodology, tool management is a crucial component. Our specialized cabinets are designed to enhance your tool organization, a key to 5S management.

Proven Benefits

Customers who have used our cabinets report:

  • Reduced tool loss
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced safety

These benefits translate to substantial time and cost savings for your operations.

What is 5S?

5S stands for Sort, Simplify, Scrub, Standardize, and Sustain. We offer a range of products to help you fully adopt this system. Alongside our cabinets, we provide custom 12-Gauge tool boards that are versatile in placement—be it a shop wall or as a freestanding setup. We also offer custom foam inserts for both new and existing toolboxes.

Product Features

  1. Material & Safety: Our cabinets are constructed from 14-gauge steel, primed with zinc-rich primer and finished with a Safety Yellow powder coating.
  2. Dimensions:
    • Catalog # SH10250M: 8″ deep x 40″H x 40″W
    • Catalog # SH10251M: 8″ deep x 40″H x 52″W
    • Catalog # SH10252M: 8″ deep x 40″H x 76″W
  3. Security: Doors come with a padlock provision to ensure 5S compliance and security.
  4. Pegboard Panels: Galvanized pegboard back and side panels, available in both standard round hole and square hole configurations.
  5. Mounting Options: Cabinets can either be wall-mounted or placed on stands for outdoor usage.
  6. Visibility: Polycarbonate panels for easy tool inventory inspection.
  7. Door Mechanics: Heavy-duty slides at the top and bottom of each door ensure smooth and stable movement.

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For more information on our tool cabinets and other tool organization solutions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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