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How did we come up with our name?   “Blue Steel” is an Industry term for New Steel, not some rusty old steel you dug up in the backyard.  The name also relates to how we desire to solve our customers’ problems and challenges in the workplace, with a fresh new view on solving problems.   With more regulations being put in place with an emphasis on safety, environmental, and productivity it has been a natural transition for our products to address these issues.

First of course is Safety!  Safe work for your workers, a safe environment for your customers.   Although a lot of heavy industry work is still dangerous we make every effort to design and build tools that will minimize risk.  OSHA reports back injuries are still the most common in the workplace and most of these injuries are preventable

Second is our environment, so we want our containers and tools to be safe for our environment.  We have to take steps to reduce waste and keep contamination from fouling the water and our air.  Our designs may have a containment sump or lid to ensure we can reduce any spillage.  It can be a simple solution with a huge payout.

The third is productivity, with increased pressure to reduce shop hours, which means we must be more efficient to get better productivity.   Rarely does working harder to accomplish anything last, it usually means working smarter.  We embrace the 5S foundation principles of Kaizen.  We spend some time assisting our customers’ with tool layout planning which includes keeping them clean and accounted for and located in your workspace to save time and we have seen huge gains in productivity.


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