The Report is in.

The Report is in on our Galvanized Steel Pegboard.

This stuff is heavy-duty!!

With all the talk about all the big things going on today, we figured we could take some time to clear up something.  Our Industry Standard 12 Galvanised Steel pegboard along with the heavy-duty custom hangers we manufacture are one of our most popular products with heavy industry because so many “homeowner” type products are being re-marketed by industrial companies and are not up to the task, we decided to go big.  Take a look at our  Steel Storage Cabinets and the Wall Mounted pegboards, they are all geared toward 5S tool organization for the industry sector.  That’s why we call it the “industry standard” the others just can’t hold up.

Just how tough is it? Well here is a photo of about 85+ pounds hanging in the same area of the mounted board.  The pegboard panel and hangers are built to be used in a heavy shop environment.

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