Red Flag Fueling Staff

What is the Red Flag Policy for Fuel Trucks?

 How to buy Fuel Truck Staff Flags

  • OSHA and the FRA have regulations for Tag Out procedures, you can find a link here.
  • Your contract with the railroad will outline the specifics for your access to restricted areas and equipment.
  • When you enter a railyard for refueling locomotives in addition to your PPE, you most likely will be required to furnish your own Fuel Truck Staff and signage.
  • Below you can see the different types of safety signs required.


10″ x 20″ Fueling Truck Panel Only
12″ x 15″ Panels for a Track Flag Stand







Bolt-on panels for use on existing staff or replacements for damaged flags.

To view other Tag Out Railroad flags please look at our page here.


Fueling Truck Staff and Rail Flag

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Locomotive Fueling Flag
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