Precision Machined Parts

Wheel True Barring Tool for Cutting Heads
Keeper Plate Railroad Wheel True Machine
Replacement Adjustment Bolts
Locomotive Slip Ring/Hub Removal Tool



Precision Machined Parts

Machined replacement parts for hard to find and outdated equipment.


When you’re maintaining and repairing equipment that is decades old,  you know obtaining replacement parts can be nearly impossible.  Most often we can make a print from existing parts or take measurements and make a new cad drawing.  Your new parts will be created and we will have the specs and drawings on file if additional repair parts are needed in the future.

We have made parts for several industries.

  • Precision aerospace machined parts
  • Railroad drop table and wheel true machines
  • Power plant bushings, seals, and bearings.
  • Large Bus parts and large O.D. exhaust tubes

Send us your photos or prints and we can quote on your requirements. 800-377-2109

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