Locomotive Rust Inhibitor Cart

Locomotive Rust Inhibitor Cart

25 Gallon Tank Polyethylene Tank

2″ x 6″ Wheels 2 swivel casters with brakes 2 fixed casters.

4.9 GPM  12 Volt Demand Pump

15′ of 3/4″ PVC Hose with gate ball valve and spigot.

High Volume Nozzle and Fill-Rite Digital Flow Meter.

The cart has a built-in hose hanger, battery box(W/Deep Draw Battery), and battery charger.

12 Volt Battery Tender and Deep Draw Battery

Locomotive Diesel Shop Rust Inhibitor Cart

With Meter
High Volume Nozzle with Demand Pump for speedy and safe fluid delivery
Locomotive Rust Inhibitor Cart for use with Nalco or other brand products
Fill-Rite Digital Meter for accurate measurements