Galvanized Pegboard Panels

How do you manage heavy industrial tools on a shadow board?

Industry Standard -12 Gauge Galvanized Pegboard Panels.

We make them for your 5S Parts storage/ Shop floor tool storage.

These panels are mounted on the end of pallet racks or metal racks for easy access in Material Supply areas.  We can pre-punch the mounting holes to mount directly into your existing racks. The 12 gauge galvanized boards will provide a durable mounting surface to secure your parts.

We also offer pegboard holders that are heavy-duty above and beyond anything else available in the marketplace.  Check out our tool cabinets, pegboard panels, and pegboard holders they are becoming the Industry Standard in the Heavy Industrial Sectors.


Pallet Rack Pegboard
Metal Rack Pegboard
Blue Steel Industry Standard Pegboard


For more information about our 5S pegboard storage, send us an email or call.    800-377-2109

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