Blue Flag Protection

Standard Blue Flag Protection

Must be used to comply with Blue Flag Rules per FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218

When you tag out on a windy day you can hardly hold on to the Blue Flag, our standard blue flags allow for wind cross flow, so they are much safer, you can also change out a bent panel with our bolt-together flags.


Flag Dimensions: 102″ Long Staff 1″ Square aluminum tube with radius corners for comfortable handling.

The Flag panel is lightweight aluminum .100 thick,  precision cut, powder coated with a reflective message applied.

This panel has holes and is much easier and safer to handle in the wind.

And several smaller holes across the bottom for worker tag out.

No burr handle with heavy-duty PVC shrink tubing at the grip area of the staff.

Blue SteelCo has bolt-on panels so you can replace them if needed.


For more information check out our Blue Flag Page.Blue Signal Protection of Workers


FRA Blue Flag Tag Out
Standard Blue Flag is shown on the rack with our High Wind Powder Coated flag.
Standard Reflective Blue Flag Protection
Standard Blue Flag Protection/Reflective panel.