In-House Safety Blue Flags

FRA and OSHA required 

Magnetic flag for cab with STOP or Safety First message

Railroad Flags are In-Stock order Part# SH10401M

Magnetic RFA Blue FlagInHouseFlag1

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This flag is for ramp use, in a well-lit shop

this lightweight flag is the best fit for the job


  • Robust Staff 3/4″ Sq. with 1/8″ Thick wall x 40″ Long, it’s strong
  • 2 Neodymium Magnets with 115# of pull each, encased in a black rubber housing
  • The 4″ x 30″ flag panel is .100 Thick laser cut aluminum with reflective STOP message on both sides
  • Designed to place on the nose or to protrude into the cab and is visible from down the line
  • Osha and FRA required flags state you need a consistent message.
  • We offer a variety of standard safety callouts for Railroad Safety Signs. 

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