GenSet Chopper changeout tool

Blue Steel GenSet Chopper Changeout Tool

GenSet Chopper changeout tool simplifies the removal and installation of the Turbopowersystems, N-ViroMotive Chopper.

Our project to assist shop and field removal of the Chopper, LVPS and Inverter was almost a year in development.

The heaviest part by far is the Chopper, coming in at about 200# the removal and replacement can be a back injury and finger pinching nightmare.

In addition to this, the compartment these items are located in leave little room for tools and positioning.

We have developed a frame that clamps onto the locomotive body. A precision roller bearing tray is installed into the Blue Steel frame.

As the ratcheting mechanism is activated, the 200# chopper is elevated above the mounting plates. The Chopper tray rolls easily to remove the Chopper from the bay.

After it is accessible you can use our Chopper lifter, overhead crane, forklift or any desired method to remove and replace the Chopper from the tray.

Aluminum Frame and tray for easy handling.

Adjustable positioning clamps and pads to accommodate anticipated Locomotive variations in dimensions.

Blue Steel Chopper Change Out Tool   Catalog# SH10062M

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