Large Equipment Tow Carts

Large Equipment Tow Carts

Railyard carts for moving heavy parts and equipment

The Diesel Shop and Truck Shop floor space are not designed to use as storage space.  We have built several types of Towable Carts to move these items out to the yard for storage or to move to the shipping and receiving area.  Here are just a few we have built over the years.

Locomotive Yard Tools, Railroad Equipment, Railroad Grade Tools
This big Diesel engine can be towed around the yard with our Large Capacity Cart
Engine Lift Cart
Blue Steel Lifter Cart makes moving this large lifter safe.
Locomotive Diesel, Gen Set Engine, Large Cart
Blue Steel Engine Cart for moving Engines around the Railyard
Generator Carts
Carts for Locomotive Generator and Locomotive Alternators
Big Cart Wheel Chocks


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