GE Locomotive Slip Ring Tools

GE Locomotive Straight Shaft Mica & Molded Slip Ring

GE Locomotives

Catalog SHTL10060M”-8 x 19″ Alloy Steel Grade installation stud. (one use only per OEM)

Catalog SHTL10061M 1″-8 x 10-1/2″ Alloy Steel Grade removal stud.

Catalog SHTL10062M  1″-8 Reaction Nut installation (one use only per OEM)

Catalog SHTL10063M  1″-8 Centering Cone Nut removal

These items are components of a large tool kit designed for the task.  Blue Steel can help replace any of the components needed for you to replenish your kit

If you need the entire kit or other GE Locomotive tools please call us.


GE Slip Ring Removal / Slip Ring Installation



GE Slip Ring Tools


1/2″ Drive socket and Hand-tap for thread cleanup on slip ring before removal.

3/4″-10 Tap Long  Catalog # 10066M

3/4″-10 Tap Short Catalog # 10065M

GE Slip Ring Taps5