Industrial Shop Tools

Custom Designed shop tools for your repair shop.

Blue Steel Company, Inc. has a long history of supplying the Department of Defense, Utility Companies, Railroads, State and Federal Prisons and hundreds of private enterprises with metal and fabricated products.

Working with these customers has resulted in our company developing and building safe, durable, and industrial grade shop tools.  Heavy gauge metal fabrication made to last.

Why look to the cheapest “off the shelf” part you can buy when you will have to replace after very little use?

Call us and we will work with you to develop a solution for your unique work environment.  Safe tools are necessary for a safe work environment.


Railroad Coupler Removal ToolCoupler Lift Ext


Service Carts

Car Dept Buggy Bar
Car Dept Buggy bar Cart

Platforms and Stands

Hand Tools

Forklift Attachments


Tool Caddy

Handrail Tool Tray12
Aluminum Tool Caddy