Positive Train Control Fabrication

Positive Train Control Wire Tracks

EMD Locomotives, GE Locomotives, GenSet Locomotives

Adding or replacing miles of cables and wires thru the cab of the locomotive also requires securing and protecting crews from possible injury.

Blue Steel has worked with customers over the years for solutions to these challenges.


EMD Locomotives Cab Sheet Metal

EMD SD70 ACe Coax Cable Cover

EMD Locomotive Cab Parts

PTC SD70 M Locomotive Cab Parts Coax Cable Cover

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Elevated Rail Locomotive Work Platform

Elevated Rail Locomotive Work Platform

Aluminum work platforms

Here are some concept to finished products shipping photos. This is an elevated rail work platform for safe and easy access to the locomotive running board.  It increases access options to the locomotives on tracks without fixed ramps.

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Tube Swaging Foam Kit

Tube Swaging Foam Kit w/case

Blue Steel Co., Inc. SH10292M / Pelican 1470 Case

It’s been said you have to have the right tool for the job, we may own the right tool but can’t find it when we need it.  That is when tool management comes into play.

This tool case has 11 tools and the dies and mandrel must be used as a set.

You can see the “Box of tools” method of storage here.

Unorganized box of tools before 5S process

Often you find you have 2 of these, none of those and damaged or extras of tools that don’t belong in the box at all.

Once we determine what is needed to complete the work we also discuss storage and location space needed.

We will print a legend to identify the tools and proper storage location.  The only tools that belong in this area will have a place in the box.

The completed storage case is here.

Blue Steel Tool Storage Cases PN SH10292M


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Portable Track Work Platform

Portable Track Work Platform

Steel platform is forklift movable, overhead crane movable and will roll down the existing rails in the shop.

Lock in place with handrails and have a large steel grating platform in place for workers at the front or rear of a Locomotive or Railcar.

56″ Wide x 89″ Long – Steel Tube Frame with Removable Aluminum Handrails

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Coupler Work Platform1Coupler Work Platform4

Hydraulic Cylinder Storage

Hydraulic Cylinder Storage Made Easy

Our hangers make it safe and easy to store hydraulic components.

5s Tool Storage Solutions for open access or lockable tool cabinets.

With our heavy duty steel peg board you can design a workstation tool board at any location in your shop.

This is our latest addition to our tool storage solutions for industrial shop use.

Hanging hydraulic cylinder storage.

Precision Machined Parts

Wheel True Barring Tool for Cutting Heads
Keeper Plate Railroad Wheel True Machine
Replacement Adjustment Bolts
Locomotive Slip Ring/Hub Removal Tool



Precision Machined Parts

Machined replacement parts for hard to find and outdated equipment.


When you’re maintaining and repairing equipment that is decades old,  you know obtaining replacement parts can be nearly impossible.  Most often we can make a print from existing parts or take measurements and make a new cad drawing.  Your new parts will be created and we will have the specs and drawings on file if additonal repair parts are needed in the future.

We have made parts for several industries.

  • Precision aerospace machined parts
  • Railroad drop table and wheel true machines
  • Power plant bushings, seals and bearings.
  • Large Bus parts and large O.D. exhaust tubes

Send us your photos or prints and we can quote on your requirements.

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MU Gladhand Hose Holder

MU Gladhand Hose Holder

Truck Mount Gladhand hose rack

Blue Steel Part Number SH10056M

This is the only version of this MU Gladhand Hose rack you will need.

Secure hoses on field service trucks or mount on a stand at various locations in the yard or shop.

We designed the cradle to grip the fitting so it stays in the rack even on rough terrain, this will keep the integrity and condition of the MU hose intact.

Blue Steel Next-Gen Industry Standard for field truck will keep lockouts, chains, shovels, brooms, Locomotive Jumper Cables, Derails secure when your on call.

MU Gladhand
Steel MU Hose rack on mounted on field crew truck.

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Knuckle Table

Knuckle Table

Steel-Heavy Pallet storage table.

Store really heavy items within easy reach. Welded rail on 3 sides and 1 side removable for loading and unloading pallets. Use for brake shoes, knuckles, etc.

Workers no longer needing to bend over when removing items can reduce back injuries.

Catalog# SH10272  Deck Size is 52″ square with approx. 18″ high deck, which can be made custom for you if needed.



Pallet Storage Table
52″ Wide to store pallets with brake shoes, knuckles, etc.

Brake Pallet - 2

Knuckle Table

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GE Locomotive Oil Drain Plug Wrench

GE Diesel Oil Drain Wrench

Custom hand tools for locomotive repair jobs

Available for 3″ and 3-1/4″ drain plug dimensions

  1. 1″ Handle with knurled surface.
  2. 17″ Overall length.
GE Oil Drain Plug Wrench with slim profile for easy access.
GE Diesel Oil drain plug wrench


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