Sling Storage Rack

Sling Storage Rack

Blue Steel Sling Storage Rack was designed with safety first.

The master link is decoupled from the lift hook after the weight of the sling is off the hook.

This is a big step to avoid pinched finger injury

Sling Storage Rack as installed. 2nd position is pinned and can be relocated if needed.

The multi-position sling rack is  bolted in place.


Sling Storage Rack
2 Position Master Link Holders
Sling Storage Rack
Multi-Position Master Link Holder










Heavy duty sling holders available in custom configurations.

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Pegboard Tool Management

Pegboard Tool Management

Finally, The Heavy Duty pegboard tool hanger you need has been built.

Heavy Duty Custom pegboard socket holders.


This is not the pressboard they sell at the homeowner hardware store or cheap stuff you can buy online that arrives dented.  This is 12 Ga. Galvanized tool board that you will buy once and be done.

Blue Steel has produced custom tool hangers you need to manage your collection of BIG HEAVY TOOLS on your pegboard and for our 5S Tool Cabinets.

Pegboard Tool Management from Blue Steel Co., Inc.

We have designed and manufactured these to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Stay tuned for part numbers, Available NOW.

3/8" Drive Pegboard socket holders

3/8″ Drive Pegboard socket holders

Socket holders

Pegboard Hangers
Pegboard Tool Holder
Socket Holders
Steel Pegboard Holders
Socket Wrench Holder


Pegboard Cylinder Hangers


Call Blue Steel to order Pegboard tool holders



Safe Work

Safety on the job at the railroad!

Kneeling / Sitting Stool Catalog # SH10310

Locomotive Handrail Catalog # LOC10011M

It always makes us pleased to see our railroad safety products used on the job!

Some workers were attempting to complete detailed work in a kneeling or squatting positions. The this padding on our stool allows a comfortable and safe positioning for a multitude of jobs around the shop.  The locomotive handrail provides a higher level of safety for the work above and below, blocking a potential fall or tools falling during standard work.

Safety Rail and Stool
Locomotive Handrail and Electrician Stool

Call us about our worker safety items. 800-377-2109



Locomotive Filter Service Cart

Service Track Filter Cart

Filter Service Cart with Lid

Utilize this service cart for any oily debris or hazardous waste as required by law.

This new cart satisfies your requirement to cover the oily debris generated in the service shop. As oily filters are draining the oil will collect in the sump which then can be siphoned out via your oil collection system or vendor equipment.

More Information

Blue Steel Co., Inc.

Locomotive Filter Cart

Locomotive filter cart


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Next Gen High Wind Blue Flag

Next Gen High Wind Blue Flag

Catalog # SH10050 High Wind Blue Flag $210.00

Next-Gen / High Wind Blue Flag

Blue Steel makes the best blue flag for windy conditions. Durable aluminum construction and still only weighs 8 pounds!

Our perforated panels allows air to flow through for easier handling in windy conditions.

SAFETY FIRST, and with our PVC colored handle options you can also keep your flags organized by to specific yard areas.




The Best Blue Flag Protection
The Best Blue Flag Protection
Blue Flag FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218 Blue Flag Protection

Standard Blue Flag Protection

Blue Flag FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218 Blue Flag Protection

Blue Steel Co., Inc./ Railway Safety First.

This our standard blue flag protection, 102″ Long Staff 1″ Square aluminum tube with round corners for comfortable handling.

Our panel is CAD/CAM precision cut and then a Die Cut Scotchlite Prismatic film is applied for reflectivity.

We have large holes for less wind resistance and several smaller holes across the bottom for worker tags.

Heavy Duty PVS tubing is applied to the handle area of the staff.

Standard Blue Flag shown on rack with our High Wind Powder Coated flag.
Standard Reflective Blue Flag Protection
Standard Blue Flag Protection/Reflective panel.

Blue Signal Protection of Workers

Blue Signal Protection of Workers

Blue Flag FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218 Blue Flag Protection

1” square x 102” aluminum staff.
2 – 1/8”x9-1/2”x19” Reflective Blue Flags. Each pole has 44” of PVC coating to provide a safe gripping area.
Total Wt. 8 lbs.
Optional Staff Length 126” Great for ballast areas.
Black, Blue, Clear,Green, Red, White,Yellow – HELPS KEEP FLAGS IN DESIGNATED AREAS.

Blue Flag Protection of Workers
Blue Signal Protection of Workers 102″ and 126″  Staff



Locomotive Rust Inhibitor Cart

Locomotive Rust Inhibitor Cart

25 Gallon Tank Polyethylene Tank

2″ x 6″ Wheels 2 swivel casters with brakes 2 fixed casters.

4.9 GPM  12 Volt Demand Pump

15′ of 3/4″ PVC Hose with gate ball valve and spigot.

High Volume Nozzle and Fill Rite Digital Flow Meter.

Cart has built in hose hanger, battery box(W/Deep Draw Battery) and battery charger.

12 Volt Battery Tender and Deep Draw Battery

Locomotive Diesel Shop Rust Inhibitor Cart

With Meter
High Volume Nozzle with Demand Pump for speedy and safe fluid delivery
Locomotive Rust Inhibitor Cart for use with Nalco or other brand products
Fill-Rite Digital Meter for accurate measurements