Knuckle Table

Knuckle Table

Steel-Heavy Pallet storage table.

Store really heavy items within easy reach. Welded rail on 3 sides and 1 side removable for loading and unloading pallets. Use for brake shoes, knuckles, etc.

Workers no longer needing to bend over when removing items can reduce back injuries.

Catalog# SH10272  Deck Size is 52″ square with approx. 18″ high deck, which can be made custom for you if needed.



Pallet Storage Table
52″ Wide to store pallets with brake shoes, knuckles, etc.

Brake Pallet - 2

Knuckle Table

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GE Locomotive Oil Drain Plug Wrench

GE Diesel Oil Drain Wrench

Custom hand tools for locomotive repair jobs

Available for 3″ and 3-1/4″ drain plug dimensions

  1. 1″ Handle with knurled surface.
  2. 17″ Overall length.
GE Oil Drain Plug Wrench with slim profile for easy access.
GE Diesel Oil drain plug wrench


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Large battery installation fixture

Locomotive Large battery installation fixture

Safely remove and replace large batteries. Fixture will simplify these steps.

  1. Allows easy removal from the battery compartment.
  2. Removing new battery from the pallet.
  3. Installing new battery with push pads will prevent damage.
  4. Adjustable width to accommodate fork position.

More information about this fixture.

Battery Installation Forklift Tool

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Welding Pod

Aluminum Welding Pod

Easy and Safe 5S Welding Gear Transport Pod

Catalog # SH10202 Alum. Welding Pod

Designed for Miller Welder and Accessories, Can be adapted to your specific needs.

4 lifting points allow overhead crane placement on Locomotive Rooftop for access to needed equipment and will eliminate the danger of tools falling on workers below.

We specifically designed this one for the Positive Train Control crews working trackside.  They are aways working in confined areas and needed a solution for making their workspace safe and efficient.

Dimensions are 40″Long x 24″ Wide x 27″ High. The storage pans top and bottom have a 4″ High Lip.

Aluminum Welding Pod

Welding Gear to be transported to rooftop with limited space.

Welding Storage Pod
Blue Steel Welding Pod- With lifting eyes.
Safe Welding Storage Pod
Welding Storage Pod








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EMD Locomotive Fuel Filter Canister Squeegee


Locomotive Fuel Filter Canister Squeegee

Catalog #SH10216M

Locomotive Fuel Filter Canister Squeegee

This handy squeegee is precision cut neoprene rubber to get a good pull of gunk out of the filter canister.

With a 36″ long handle with rubber grip makes the job easy and completely ready the new filter.

Typically one for each workstation in the shop makes for good 5S organization.


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Metal Parts Cabinets

Metal Parts Cabinets

Blue Steel builds heavy duty Custom Cabinets for secure material or tool storage.

This unit is to ensure lifting slings are not exposed to the elements where they become degraded. Large doors give you access to 78″ Overall height x 60″ wide x 10″ Deep Cabinet.

Both cabinets below are constructed of heavy 12 gauge steel with a zinc rich primer coat, then powder coated safety yellow.

OSHA warns about the environmental damage that can occur.

Effects of Environment

  • Store lifting slings in an area where they will not be subjected to mechanical, chemical, ultraviolet damage, or extreme temperatures,
  • When slings are exposed to extreme temperatures, follow the guidance provided by the sling manufacturer or qualified person.
  • Consult the sling manufacturer for recommended inspection procedures when nylon or polyester webbing slings are extensively exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet light.
Metal Parts Cabinets
Blue Steel Heavy Duty Pegboard with hooks
Metal Parts Cabinets
Lift Sling Cabinet with pegboard
Metal Parts Cabinets
Nylon Sling Storage

Cabinets are also used for storage of Locomotive parts closer to the work area for better efficiencies.

63″ Overall height x 60″ wide x 20″ Deep Cabinet. With separate compartments and shelves.

The cabinets below are constructed of heavy 12 gauge steel with a zinc rich primer coat, then powder coated safety yellow.

These cabinets are used to store reconditioned eductor tubes on the Locomotive Service Track.

Metal Parts Cabinets
Service Track Storage Cabinet
Metal Parts Cabinets
Service Track Storage Cabinet








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Sling Storage Rack

Sling Storage Rack

Blue Steel Sling Storage Rack was designed with safety first.

The master link is decoupled from the lift hook after the weight of the sling is off the hook.

This is a big step to avoid pinched finger injury

Sling Storage Rack as installed. 2nd position is pinned and can be relocated if needed.

The multi-position sling rack is  bolted in place.


Sling Storage Rack
2 Position Master Link Holders
Sling Storage Rack
Multi-Position Master Link Holder










Heavy duty sling holders available in custom configurations.

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Pegboard Tool Management

Pegboard Tool Management

Finally, The Heavy Duty pegboard tool hanger you need has been built.

All of our pegboard hangers attach to the board and do not fall off when retrieving your tools.


Heavy Duty Custom pegboard socket holders.


This is not the pressboard they sell at the homeowner hardware store or cheap stuff you can buy online that arrives dented.  This is 12 Ga. Galvanized tool board that you will buy once and be done.

Blue Steel has produced custom tool hangers you need to manage your collection of BIG HEAVY TOOLS on your pegboard and for our 5S Tool Cabinets.

Pegboard Tool Management from Blue Steel Co., Inc.

We have designed and manufactured these to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Stay tuned for part numbers, Available NOW.

3/8" Drive Pegboard socket holders

3/8″ Drive Pegboard socket holders

Socket holders

Pegboard Hangers
Pegboard Tool Holder
Socket Holders
Steel Pegboard Holders
Round Pegboard Socket Holders
Socket Wrench Holder


Pegboard Cylinder Hangers


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Safe Work

Safety on the job at the railroad!

Kneeling / Sitting Stool Catalog # SH10310

Locomotive Handrail Catalog # LOC10011M

It always makes us pleased to see our railroad safety products used on the job!

Some workers were attempting to complete detailed work in a kneeling or squatting positions. The this padding on our stool allows a comfortable and safe positioning for a multitude of jobs around the shop.  The locomotive handrail provides a higher level of safety for the work above and below, blocking a potential fall or tools falling during standard work.

Safety Rail and Stool
Locomotive Handrail and Electrician Stool

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