5S Tool Storage Organization

5S Tool Storage Organization

5S System- Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, Sustain + Safety

Anyone who works in a shop, kitchen, warehouse knows how quickly our work areas become cluttered, heck even at home our garages, kitchens, and bathrooms can become unorganized and find ourselves frantically looking for needed items.  This is the primary force behind the productivity gains from the 5S standardization process, after all, time is money and here at Blue Steel, we have made hundreds of items to achieve this objective.

The areas I like to focus on are the “dead space” areas usually destined for the trash and junk accumulation.  Many times a custom cabinet or storage rack can be placed there and not only utilize the space but it also can be a handy spot for smaller parts or materials in that workspace.  An example is the storage rack below, located just below the locking wall mounted tool cabinet we make.

Shop Floor block Storage
Under cabinet tool storage rack
5S Tool Storage
5S Tool Cabinet with under cabinet storage rack.


ClevisStorageBrake Pallet - 2Shop-Peg-Board-Storage-CabinetCabinetOpenCabinetClosed

Metal Storage Cabinet

Peg Board Storage Cabinet 3ShackleIMG_8627MasterlinkHolder

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