Blue Safety Flag

Blue Safety Flag

FRA Blue Flag “Safety First” per OSHA and FRA Standards

3M™ prismatic sheeting with Blue with White letters

FRA218 Railroad Safety Equipment CFR 49 FRA 218 Blue Flag Protection.

Stay in compliance with OSHA Blue Flag and FRA Blue Flag rules for worker safety.

Blue flag protection in the railroad industry provides safety to workers from the inadvertent movement of equipment on which they are working. Current Federal regulations provide minimum specifications for the devices that can be used as blue flags, allowing many devices to be used as long as they are blue. Safety standards developed by national and international committees that have been adopted throughout a wide variety of high hazard industries, however, require greater specificity in the design of safety signs and signals. Recommendations are provided for blue safety flags that are consistent with the current meaning and use in the railroad industry and that meet current safety code guidelines.

Our Standard Blue Flag Protection Safety flag includes the following

Light weigh 8 lbs. Blue Flag with full-size Panels .125″ Thick x 17.75″ x 9.25″ welded to the staff which is 1″ Rounded corner square aluminum tube with 2 hooks to attach to the locomotive.   The panel has large holes for air flow to avoid handling problems in windy conditions.

Blue Flag Tag out is easy with 6 accessible holes to clip Employee or Contractor Tags   Each Blue staff has 44” of PVC coating to provide a safe gripping area, free of metal burrs.

Standard Staff is 102″ Long / Optional Staff Length is 126” This extra long Blue Flag is great for ballast areas.
Custom Blue Flag Protection OPTIONAL PVC COLORS
Black, Blue, Clear,Green, Red, White,Yellow  handles will identify correct storage areas. This will avoid accumulation of Blue Flags so workers don’t waste time looking for flags thereby delaying repairs.


Catalog # SH10400M Standard Blue Flag $168.00/each

If you would like to purchase Blue Flags please contact us. 800-377-2109

Safety Flag
Blue Flag



Blue Flag
Safety First Flag