Collapsible Pit Handrails

Collapsible Pit Handrails

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Blue Steel Co., Inc. Rail-Yard Safety First. Slip/Fall Protection

Falls are one of the most common workplace injuries, and Stairs present one of the biggest fall and injury risks on the job, having a handrail for all stairwells is the key to reducing injuries.

Here at Blue Steel Co., Inc., we have developed a Collapsible pit handrail set up that is a first in work pit safety.

Metal fabrication and heavy-duty latching system will assist you workers as they travel up and down the staircase to the work areas.

If you’re serious about Safety First then you need our Collapsible Pit Handrails for your inspection pit, service pit and in the diesel shop.

Durable and corrosion resistant stainless steel locking mechanism. UHMW rolling parts with powder coated handrails and wall mounted slides make these handrails suitable for Extreme Railroad use.

Many of our installations have been in service for several years without a failure. When you order these collapsible handrails they will be custom-built to install in your service pit correctly.

OSHA SAFETY  requires handrails on stairs for safety, when our handrails are in the upright and locked position, workers can rely on a safe and balanced descent and ascent from the pit work area.

Collapsible Pit Handrails
Potential 5-foot fall!! With protruding obstacles, that may cause more injuries.



Collapsible Pit Handrails
Blue Steel Collapsible Pit handrails.

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Collapsible Pit Handrails
Our collapsible Pit Handrails designed for safety first.