5S Tool Cabinets

5S Tool Cabinets with pegboard

Tool Cabinet with galvanized pegboard and sidewalls.  Padlock provision to secure 5S control of the box.

This Heavy Duty tool cabinet will cut down your shop tool attrition rate and reduce wasted man hours looking for misplaced tools, and that will save your company money.

If you don’t need a cabinet, only heavy-duty pegboard click HERE.

Our 5S Tool Cabinet is manufactured with a solid 11 Gauge Steel Cabinet.  The doors have clear polycarbonate inserts for a quick visual audit of tools. The back and side pegboard panels are galvanized 12 gauge steel welded in place.

The cabinet and doors are then coated with zinc rich primer and a Safety Yellow powder coated surface which will give our cabinet excellent corrosion resistance. Heavy Duty 300# slides at on the top and bottom of each door provide smooth and solid movement. The doors have padlock tabs for easy locking with your padlock.

Mounting is easy with 12 each, 3/8-16 nut inserts pre-installed for wall-mounting or to place at any location at your facility by securing the cabinet to our heavy duty stands.  Available for 36″, 48″ or 72″(inside dimension) Cabinets.

After installing these cabinets you then can have shadow board graphics applied and issue key control to the cabinet.  Supervisors can assess from a quick glance if the tools required for a work area have been secured at the end of the shift.

This is the storage solution you need for your 5S implementation on your shop floor or remote outbuildings requiring secure tool storage solutions.

Our company has hundreds of these units in place inside of repair shops and to store tools in outdoor storage areas.

  • Oil Industry
  • Power plants
  • Marine/Ship repair
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Dept. of Defense Equipment repair
  • Railyards
  • Aerospace
  • Truck Repair Stations
  • Schools Shops
  • If you have a 5S plan for your company we can help with our tool storage solutions.

We have customers using these boxes for

  • Power tool storage
  • Hydraulic ram storage
  • Hand tool storage
  • Reduce replacement part theft.
  • Tool Charging stations
  • And many more.

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Catalog # SH10250M 8″ deep x 40″H x 40″W Outside Dims.

Catalog # SH10251M 8″ deep x 40″H x 52″W Outside Dims.

Catalog # SH10252M 8″ deep x 40″H x 76″W Outside Dims.


5s Tool Cabinet with Peg Board
Steel round hole pegboard tool cabinet
5S Tool Cabinet
Easy Access to all tools stored on back and side pegboard panels













72″ Heavy Duty Tool Cabinet, Pegboard is available in round or square hole configuration.


12 gauge galvanized Square hole pegboard.   Square Hole accessories typically hold larger tools.


72-inch Tool Cabinet ready for shipping.  We take care that your cabinet is not damaged while in transit.
Forklift movable box with wire mesh, polycarbonate, and canopy. Place in any part of your yard for secure outdoor storage.
72-inch wall mounted cabinet with tools
Round hole pegboard.  Accessories to hang almost anything you can imagine.



















To inquire about our tool cabinets

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